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A medium weight lash that packs a punch. Great for everyday (bold) or evening. A conservative length and curl paired with a natural shape pushes all the right attitude.

Varied lengths sewn throughout pair with clusters in thickness through the lash, drawing an unforgettably bold, yet questionably natural look as it mimics the natural growth cycle of our own lashes (anagen, telogen and catagen phases and sciency stuff). The Catitude lash beams a fluttery look and airy feel.

Length: Medium to Long

Shape: Natural

Available in: Full Band or Segments

Perfect For: A bold lash line that accentuates your natural eye shape

Looks Incredible On: Monolid, Hooded, Downturned, Upturned, Almond, Wide-Set, Deep-Set, Protruding

Not sure what eye shape you have? Check out our Find Your Fit page!

*Magnetic eyeliner sold separately - add it here!