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If you follow nothing else, make sure to follow these for best results:

Shake eyeliner well before use - Iron oxides make this magnetic, ensure proper mixing prior to application.

Prep your eyelids using a powder shadow. If you use any oil based skincare products, whether makeup remover, wash or other, make sure you wash your face well to remove any of those remaining oils prior to eyeliner application as any oils may create a barrier on the skin that can interfere with the eyeliner getting a good 'stick' on your eyelids

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Some cream shadows that are smudge, water or oil proof have been reported to create a barrier that doesn't allow for a good hold to the skin. If you do use something like that, simply line your lash line/just above with a translucent powder to allow for the eyeliner to 'grab on'

Apply 2-3 thinner coats along your upper lid, tucked into your lash line, allowing the eyeliner to dry completely between layers (2-4 minutes). Applying too thick of single layers can interfere with the eyeliner properly drying

TIP: If you're new to magnetic eyelashes or if you're having a bit of trouble in the beginning getting those magnets to clip into place, we would recommend going with three

Ensure adequate coverage to the inner and outer corners. If you have lifting, this is generally where it's going to happen, so just making sure you go along the inner and outer corner thoroughly on each coat

Allow eyeliner to dry before application. Once you’ve got your eyeliner applied, wait a few minutes for it to dry completely

For full lash bands. Flexing new bands back and forth in a u-shape between the magnets will help get a nice contour when applying the lashes. Trim it if needed. If your lash fits just right, it should start from the inner corner, where the bulk of your lashes begin and end 2-3 lashes in from the outer corners. If you do need to trim them, simply use clippers and snip from the outer corner, one magnet in, butted against the next magnet, try that fit and trim again if necessary

Use tweezers for precise application. Getting the false lashes as close to your lash line as possible will create a seamless finish. If you need to move the lashes around after placing them on, gently pull downward to remove and place on again

Set and forget. Once you've found the perfect placement and you’re satisfied with how they look and feel – allow them to 'set' into place. This takes between 5-10 minutes. Once the lashes set into place, the bond is quite strong so moving the lashes after this period may result in the eyeliner lifting and reapplication may be necessary

We recommend that people with sensitive skin or allergies perform a patch test
first to ensure there is no reaction. Discontinue if irritation occurs.

1. Shake eyeliner well before use to spread the iron oxides
throughout (the magnetization stuff)

2. If curling your natural lashes, be sure to curl prior to
applying the eyeliner or if curling after eyeliner application, be careful not to touch your fresh eyeliner.

3. Apply eyeshadow as normal. If you’re going for a bare
look, use a finishing powder to ensure your lids are free of oil to help your eyeliner get a good stick!

4. Spread a thin layer of FerroLiner on your top lash line/eyelid, as close to the
base of your lashes as possible. 2 coats min, 3 if you’re new to magnetic eyeliner and want more initial 'grab'. Allow liner to dry completely between coats

5. Wait a few minutes for the eyeliner to dry. This step is
very important - prematurely putting lashes on may cause eyeliner to stick to
the magnets and get tugged off

WARNING: Never use magnetic eyeliner or lashes
during MRI. Use of magnetic eyeliner or lashes may affect proper function of
hearing aids, pacemakers or defibrillators. If any of these apply to you, we do
not recommend using this product.

Although the magnetic liner and lashes are both a time saver and mess solution, we know that liquid eyeliner can be intimidating, so we’ve compiled a few tips from the experts to help you out:

Use a finishing powder or your favorite powder eyeshadow palate prior to application as oils on your skin may interfere with the eyeliners ability to stay planted on your lid. For an even more impermeable hold, start with a good eyeshadow primer, followed by the powder of choice. 

When learning to use liquid eyeliner, it can be easier to draw when you have a guide line to follow. Using an angled brush and dark powder, draw a line along your lash line to give yourself a base line on where you will apply your liquid eyeliner. A powder line is more forgiving and also helps to deepen the lash line to create an even more cohesive lash look.

If you are not familiar or comfortable with liquid eyeliner, try applying the liner in the mirror with your chin tilted towards the sky, looking down at the mirror. This eliminates any creases or fine lines on the eyelid and makes it much easier to get a nice straight line. If you have a standing swivel mirror, use that tilted up towards you while you look down at it to achieve the same affect. This makes the liner even easier as you use the counter surface to steady your arm and handUsing your pinky as an 'anchor' will help you get a nice clean line. Take your time on your first coat.

When applying FerroLiner, apply as close to your natural lash line as possible, almost on top of it, this creates a bit of an L for the lash magnets to tuck right into and really helps to marry the false strip lashes to your own. Careful not to get product into your eyes.

If you have hooded eyes, hold this position for a minute while the liner dries to avoid transferring to the lid when you tilt your head back down or look up. Try to get your line thin as this helps ‘open up’ the eyes (see next point about required thickness)

Make sure that your line is thick enough to grab the magnets. If you prefer a thin line, start with that and once you’ve applied two-three coats and the liner is dry, try on the lashes, if they aren’t sticking the way you’d like (and you troubleshooted already), you may need to go a bit wider.

To remove the eyeliner, using a cue-tip or our lint free liner remover wands, soak with a gentle makeup remover or our zero-waste charcoal soap bars and gently glide over the liner until it comes off, follow up with your favorite face wash! Try our reusable cotton rounds for an even deeper clean!

Remove lashes from tray by the band (never by the lashes), flex band gently if it feels stiff and to help the lashes contour to your eyes.

Bring your lashes to liner and allow the lash to ‘pop’ into place.

The closer the magnet gets to your lash line, the more natural the lashes will look. This may take a couple of tries but once you get the hang of it, you’re
all set!

When applying your lashes, if you need to move them around, genly pull downwards and reapply.

Set and forget. After lashes are placed on, in about 5 minutes, the lashes bond into place for an all day hold. If you need to move the lashes after the setting period, doing so may cause the eyeliner to lift with the lashes, eyeliner reapplication may be

When removing the lashes, gently pull from the outer corner and place back into case, along magnetic holding strip.

We recommend using our precision lash tweezers with magnetic lash segments to help with application.

Using your lash tweezers, remove lash segment from tray starting with outer corner.

Holding your segment close to the end of the lash (this will stop your tweezer from magnetizing to your lash) bring lashes to liner, allow the lash to ‘pop’ into place.

The closer the magnet gets to your lash line, the more natural the lashes will look.

As you craft your look, alternate segment application between eyes.

Repeat with each lash segment until you have all sections applied (or however many you want!)

This may take a couple of tries but once you get the hang of it, you’re all set!

When removing the lashes, gently pull using lash tweezers and place back into tray, along magnetic holding strip.

Avoid using mascara directly on false lashes to ensure longevity. If you want to use mascara to help blend, apply prior to strip lash application.

After use and before storing your lashes, if there is any eyeliner residue on the lash magnets, simply use your fingernail to scrape off.

Use a mild cleanser with our lint free remover wands to remove oils or other makeup residue if applicable.  Ensure bands are dry prior to storage.

 If you have any mascara that happened to get on the lashes,
use a clean mascara spoolie to comb through and take off any chunks.

Follow these steps to ensure your lashes are ready for next use!

Take care of them and they’ll take care of you. Lashes should last 20-30+ wears with proper maintenance and care.


If you’re having issues getting the lashes to stick to the eyeliner after 3 coats and it is completely dry, make sure:

That you shake the eyeliner well before application. Iron oxides are what makes the formula ferrous (magnetic) and are heavier than the rest of the ingredients and so they tend to settle, shaking the eyeliner will ensure the iron oxides are disbursed through the product properly.

That you have applied the eyeliner thick enough to grab the magnets. There are tiny magnets adhered to the lashes, this is what clicks onto the eyeliner. If the eyeliner is not thick enough along the lash line, the magnets won’t be able to grab onto anything. If you're noticing a particular area that isn't grabbing well, apply a bit more eyeliner to that area and allow to dry, then pop it on!

That your lashes are making connection all the way along your eyeliner. While this might sound silly, it is common to have an area which doesn't have enough coverage to grab the magnet. If you can see that it is making connection, give it a gentle push and allow it to bond - if that doesn't work, just apply a little more eyeliner to that area and then click into place!

If you're having issues with the eyeliner sticking, make sure:

That you have cleaned your eyelids prior to application and then apply a matte powder eyeshadow as a base. Even using a dark matte powder eyeshadow prior to your liquid eyeliner helps to give it something to grab onto as well as gives you some 'give' if your line isn't perfectly smooth.

The #1 reason for your eyeliner lifting is that it has not dried properly.

This can happen for two reasons:

#1. If you applied too much eyeliner, it has a hard time curing/drying properly. We recommend going with a thin layer each time and building your look that way. Adequate coverage will occur after a couple of layers, so you don't need to apply it thick.

2. It didn't have enough time to dry completely between layers. Allow your eyeliner to dry for 3-4 minutes after application. If your liner isn't applied thickly, 3-4 minutes is more than enough to ensure the line is dry enough for another layer.

If you are having trouble with your eyelashes clicking into place, make sure that:

You flex the lash band – if the band is too stiff, the inner or outer corner may pop off. The simple solution is to flex your band to help it contour to your eyes (especially helpful if you have protruding eyes). This is done by gently taking the lash by the ends and flexing it in a u-shape, back and forth, focusing between the magnets.

You have applied the eyeliner wide enough to grab the magnets. There are tiny magnets adhered to the lashes, this is what clicks onto the eyeliner. If the eyeliner is not wide enough along the lash line, the magnets won’t be able to grab onto anything. If you're noticing a particular area that isn't grabbing well, apply a bit more eyeliner to that area and allow to dry, then pop it on!

Another thing that really helps is to apply your eyeliner right along your lash line and eyelid (imagine an L shape), which gives the lash band a little corner to tuck into...

Trim the lash band if it is too long. The key to great false lashes that look natural is placement and fit. Have a look at the photo below to know if you need to trim your lash band!

Have you appplied your false lashes, but they don't look in unison with your natural lashes?

Want to get your lashes looking seamless? Lash placement is the answer!

It does take some practice, here are some tips for getting a great placement:

1. Practice getting your eyeliner close to your natural lash line. Our eyeliner is full of vitamins and minerals and is serum-inspired, so imagine where you would apply a serum and you can apply your eyeliner there. This gives your lashes a nice little L corner to tuck into and marry with your natural lash line.

Of course, you will want to avoid getting your eyeliner into your eyes. Just nice and close to your top lash line.

Once your eyeliner is tucked in close, it's just a matter of bringing your lashes in (point them upwards) and allowing them to click into place. Your eyeliner placement is really going to dictate where your false lashes will sit, so working at getting that nice and close!

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