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Wanna Know Which Faux Eyelashes Work Best for Your Eye Shape?

Wanna Know Which Faux Eyelashes Work Best for Your Eye Shape?
What are eyelashes if eyes are windows to the soul? We wrote a whole guide below to answer that question, but real quick, another question. Why do humans even consider the eyes a measure of attractiveness? (When you understand the basics, finding your perfect falsies will be easier: you'll know what the goal is.) 
We'll keep it short because we all TLDR sometimes, skip to the middle for how to identify your eye shape.
Humans find beauty in eyes because they display our emotions and inner feelings. While we aren’t exploring the deeper psychological explanation today, one does exist. We’ll leave you with this tidbit: “Of all primates, human eyes are the most conspicuous; our eyes see, but they are also meant to be seen,” says Ker Than for “[...] the distinctive features that help highlight our eyes evolved partly to help us follow each others' gazes when communicating or when cooperating [...]on tasks requiring close contact.” 
Psychology aside, there are two things we can take away from this. 
  1. Humans find it fascinating to look into each other's eyes. 
  2. There are ways to “visually enhance” the effect we have on each other. 
So who’s ready to captivate with just a bat of their lashes? Keep on reading.
Here’s How Falsies Make You Look So Dang Good
Enhancing the eyes' natural beauty means taking into account everything about them: eye shape, curl pattern, lash fullness, and even the angle of your natural lashes and that of the extensions. Dark, full, and distinctive lashes as a general rule of thumb will make the eyes pop— but the wrong lash map or curl pattern could hide the eye and make it appear heavy, and less attractive. 
It's all about how falsies and extensions create contrast between eyelid and eye, and that starkness appeals to people. The contrasting effect serves to highlight the best features (eye shape, lid type, deep-set or protruding).
Carmen Diaz Deep Set eyes
Hence, falsies shouldn't mask your eye shape, so pick a shape and fullness that complement your shape. The wrong shape or size could make eyelids appear heavy, or for those with downturned eyes, it could make them appear droopy. We know that’s a lot so we’re about to break it down.
Nicole Richie Protruding eyes
Nicole Richie's beautiful eyes are an example of protruding eyes.
Start With Understanding What Makes Up Your Basic Eye Shape in 3 Steps
  • There are arguably four to six types of eye shapes: round, almond, downturned, upturned, monolid*, and hooded*.
  • Those eye shapes can further be differentiated by whether they’re protruding or deep-set. 
  • Both people with protruding and deep-set eyes can be characterized as being either tapered, monolid, or parallel. 
** monolid and hooded refer to the eyelid type, not necessarily the eye shape. For example in Asian Countries, individuals might describe their eye shape as being both almond-shaped, protruding, and a hooded monolid. 
There's no need to worry if all that sounded confusing. Eye shapes, lash mapping, and whatnot is like art, you have to have an eye for it to come naturally. Pun intended. The rest of us just have to read very helpful guides (like this one) to learn how to find the best falsies.
How To Find Your Perfect Set of Falsies (Bad Jokes Aside) Based on Your Eye Shape
For all of these quote-on-quote tests, you will need a mirror. Study the crease of your eye to determine the eyelid type. Keep in mind your eyelid type does not determine your eye shape. Eyes are unique and can be a combination of various classifications. 
How to Determine Eyelid Type
  • In the absence of any crease, this is usually called a monolid. The upper lid is heavy and folded over the lower lid.
  • A hooded eyelid has the corners of the lower half of the lid visible, but most of the crease is obscured by the upper lid folding over. Other indicators include extra skin right above the eye crease and/or a prominent brow bone. The lower lids will not be completely covered by the upper lids. 
Picking the Right Lashes for Monolid Eyes
When choosing the band for this eyelid type look for lash bands that begin with a slightly upwards base that lifts gradually for a natural curl at the end (C curl lash) or a D curl set with its deep, upward-sloping curve. 
The L Curl and L Plus-Curl lashes are also excellent on a monolid. Curl patterns of this type have a long, flat base and a sharp upward curve of 85 degrees. 
Professional Tip: Depending on the angle of the wearer's natural lashes, L-curl patterns may obscure vision
No, nos for monolid individuals include any J curl lash extension set. Usually, the heavy lid will end up pushing the elongated lash extension downward, covering up the wearer's eye and thus making the eye appear smaller. More dramatic curl patterns are usually the way to go when picking up a pair of faux eyelashes. 
There are endless combinations of lash extensions that look good with monolid eyelid type. Use your FerroLiner Nourishing Magnetic Eyeliner to draw on a cat-eye, giving extra lift before snapping on your magnetic eyelashes. 
ahn sohee monolid eye shape faux lashes
If you want to buy falsies for monolid eyes, look for the following keywords:
  • Spikey Clusters
  • Crisscross
  • Doe eye
  • Long
  • Criss-Crossed 
  • B Curl Pattern
  • C Curl Pattern
  • L Curl Pattern
  • Less Heavy
  • Longest Lash at Center of Band
Picking the Right Lashes for Hooded Eyelids 
When choosing the band for hooded eyelids, look for lash bands that begin with a long base and gradual lift ending at the tip at a 45-degree curve (a.k.a. B curl lash pattern). Another good curl pattern for hooded eyelids is C curls. This type has a rising base, lifting gradually to a 60-degree curve.
 Hooded Eyes Blake Lively
Also, consider the lengths of the lash segments. The best way to make hooded eyes look deep is to create the illusion of depth with faux eyelashes. You can accomplish this by picking a set that tapers on both ends making the center the longest hairs. 
So here are the keywords to look for when choosing falsies suitable for hooded eyelids:
  • B Lash Curl Pattern
  • C Lash Curl Pattern
  • Tapered Corners
  • Long Center Lashes
  • Doe eye
  • Shorter 
  • More Natural
Be wary of overly big, voluminous sets that can visually weigh the eyelid down.
A Professionals Tip: For those with naturally straight eyelashes try using a curler before applying the magnetic eyelash band, or eyelash segments, so all blend well. 
How To Identify Your Eye Shape 
Eye shape classification isn’t all that tricky, but we will break it down anyway. 
With a mirror, make an invisible, thin line running horizontally through the middle of your pupil, from ear to ear (or even make a real one with an expo marker or tape on the mirror). This line will tell you if your eyes are almond, downturned, or upturned. Read on to identify your unique eye shape!
Determining If You Have Upturned Eyes 
Compare the position of the corners of the eye against the invisible horizontal line drawn across the pupils. If the corners pull up, over the line, congratulations, those are a set of upturned eyes.
How To Use Lashes to Make Upturned Eyes Pop!
Fox or cat lash shapes look great on upturned eyes. Fox eyes are arguably the new cat eyes. Both styles have short lashes at the inside corner, gradually lengthening until about 3/4 through the last, and then tapering down at the outside corner. A narrow lash segment can also be layered atop the full-sized band at the outer corner for a voluminous look. 
Willow Smith Eye Shape
When choosing falsies for upturned eyes, pay attention to these keywords:
  • Fox Eye
  • Cat Eye
  • C Curl Lash Pattern
  • Natural
  • Simple
Professional Tip: You can trim the outer corners of your lashes if you wear less curly (longer) lashes so they don't cast shadows on your eyes. Of course, this is all just personal preference. You may want to create a heavy and provocative look.
How To Tell If Your Eyes Are Downturned
 You'll notice the corner of your eye is below the invisible horizontal line if you have downturned eyes.
How To Use Lashes to Make Downturned Eyes Pop!
As we mentioned, ineffective lashes can transform downturned eyes from moody and va-va-voom to droopy and heavy, real fast. Look for low-volume, crisscrossed lashes if you have those 1920s Hollywood-esque downturned eyes. (Heavy and dramatic faux eyelashes will only weigh down the lid and cast shadows across the iris. The added shadows accomplish the opposite of being bright and wide.) 
Tessa Thompson
To choose falsies that are suitable for downturned eyes, here are some keywords to look for:
  • Criss-crossed Design 
  • Whispy
  • Spikey
  • Light
  • Natural
  • Longer Lashes at the Center
  • Shorter Lash Length at the Corners
We recommend buying our Pheonix Magnetic Eyelash as either bands or segments. Pheonix lifts in such a subtle and natural way.
Determining if You Have Almond Eyes
You have almond or round eyes if the corners of your eyes are aligned with the horizontal line that separates your pupils into even halves. A round or almond-shaped eye can be judged by the iris. Are you able to see the whites of your eyes above or below your iris? If you can't, your eyes are almond-shaped.  
How To Choose False Eyelashes that Make Almond Eyes Pop!
With almond eyes, you can pick up almost any set and come out looking more than okay. You’ll look great, whether you buy an L-Plus Curl or any other curl pattern like a B pattern. 
Kendall Jener Almond Eyes
With almond shaped eyes, faux lash wearers don’t have to worry about creating the illusion of depth, so anything goes for the most part. The key is to play to your assets, and for those with almond eyes, their main flex is that their natural eye shape closely resembles an alluring cat-eye. Take advantage of what you've already got?
So here are the keywords to look for when choosing falsies suitable for round eyes:
  • Anything.
How To Determine Whether You Have Round Eyes
You have round eyes if, with your eyelids relaxed, you can see white bits under and above your iris.
How To Choose False Eyelashes that Make Round Eyes Pop!
While round eyes are already wide and bright, the right set of lashes adds drama and seduction. To balance your natural eye shape and your lash extensions, go for not-too dense, but slightly tapered (the lashes grow longer as they reach the outer corners of your eyes.) 
Ashley Olsen Round Eye Shape
Focusing on harmony between your natural shape and extensions prevents you from making your eyes appear small and heavy or unintentionally surprised. So here are the keywords to look for when choosing falsies suitable for round eyes:
  • Cat-Eye Shape
  • Wispy 
  • Tapered
  • Natural Volume 
  • Curly
  • Lift and Enhance
If you still have questions, leave a comment. Chances are we'll write an article to answer your question.


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