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Curls Just Wanna Have Fun

3D Curl Collection Lashes

Our highly rated curl collection is an essential part of every makeup lover's beauty bag! These luxury lashes boast incredible quality, utilizing ultra-fine synthetic fibres and tapered end technology that creates fullness and flutter and pairs with a matte finish that gives you the most natural look and feel.

The fuzzy layered ends of these lashes curl upward and hug your lid like nobody's business! They look so amazing, you'll have people wondering if you're wearing high end extensions or were simply blessed with a lash line full of depth and fullness. 

Because you deserve confidence behind every gaze!


Kind Words From Happy Hearts

Don't just take it from us, here's what our customers have to say...

Uptown Curl Magnetic Eyelashes

These eyelashes are amazing for people who wear glasses! My glasses sit close to my eyes, and the eyelashes do not touch them. As well, this company is outstanding, both their customer service and their marketing. I am a super fan and will be buying many, many more! Thank goodness I found you!

- Gillian


Wow I love these lashes! I found out the hard way I’m allergic to lash extensions, have an adhesive allergy of some sort. The allergy developed over time and I really miss the look of lash extensions. I had been searching for magnetic lashes that look like extensions for MONTHS! Finally came across these bad boys and I’m so happy! They look just like my old lash extensions! Also it’s great I’m supporting a Canadian business!

- Victoria

Perfect Liner!

My magnetic lashes are gorgeous! They’re soft and flexible and mold so nicely to my eye. My favorite part is their magnetic eye liner! Goes on easily and washes off just as well without irritating my skin. Highly recommend!!

- Vanessa

I love these lashes!!

I love that you can use a quiz to see what lashes suit your eye shape. I ordered my first pair and after a couple days they started to shed quite a bit of lashes. I emailed QMbeautique and they sent me a replacement lash at no charge. I have been wearing the new lashes for a couple weeks and they still look amazing!

- Jocelyn

Absolutely Amazing

I don’t wear lashes daily because my eyes tend to be sensitive but I found this pair super comfortable and didn’t bother my eyes at all. They were super easy to put on and lasted all day without having to do any adjustments. The curl on them is amazing and I think this is why I didn’t feel the need to adjust them and actually forgot I had them on. I really loved the look of these lashes and how they seemed to brighten my eyes.

- Breanne

Hey Curl Hey Lash Review

I've never tried extra curly lashes before and now they're my favourite. Easy to put on and subtle enough for everyday yet glamorous enough for that dressy feeling. They stayed on for 14 hours and are so comfortable. They also open up my hooded eyelids.

- JR

Feel Beautiful Without Feeling Guilty. 

We're the modern lash brand with a clear conscience.

QMBeautique is on a mission to change the beauty industry for the better. We believe that feeling beautiful should never come at the cost of feeling guilty, so we're raising the bar on conscious beauty.

We make the highest quality lash products that are mindfully formulated and produced, sustainably packaged, and always 100% cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. So you can feel great about looking your best!

We know lashes.
Understanding the need for customizable, natural looking and lightweight feeling lash products, our line was designed by a professional lash technician, esthetician and makeup artist. We use only high-quality materials with high-quality workmanship to provide the best experience for you.. 

Canada and U.S. Shipping

Full Application Guides, Videos, Tutorials and more!
Feel Supported and Empowered to Rock Your Lashes!

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When you create an account within our Beauty Board Rewards program and shop with us, you automatically receive Beautiquoins. Which is our way of saying thank you to our growing community of mindful beauty conscious consumers who value simple, sustainable and responsible beauty products!

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Referrals are the greatest form of flattery and we want to make sure you know just how much it means to us! With your Beauty Board Rewards program, you can generate as many referral codes as your heart desires. Send a friend $10 OFF their first purchase and get $10 when they make their first purchase!

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Not Sure Where to Start?

Customer service is our specialty. 

Lashes, that's our jam. 

We're nerds for beautifying all eyes - take our super quick and easy lash quiz for instant, custom recommendations to you!

Want to know more about your eye shape and how to make them pop? Discover yours with our easy to read and understand guide to discovering yours!

We made these just for you, so you can feel confident knowing the lashes you get will look amazing on your eyes.

Learn about eye shapes

Blogs and Articles

We love to chat all things beauty, industry, lashes (and more), share knowledge and be as helpful to you as possible - check out our QMBlog page and read to your hearts content! Here are a few of the latest articles we think you might like...

Understanding Magnetic Eyelashes - The Science Behind the Trending Lash Revolution

Understanding Magnetic Eyelashes - The Science Behind the Trending Lash Revolution

First and foremost - what are these magnetic eyelashes? They're false eyelashes that have tiny magnets attached to the lash band - which then attach to either a second band designed in the same way - which sandwiches your lashes, to a magnetic eyeliner or adhesive or by way of anchor magnets (similar to the first one, but with more precision).  Unlike traditional false lashes which are applied using a glue, magnetic eyelashes eliminate the hassle of applying glue to your eyelids - they're reusable and don't damage your natural lash line....  

Protect Yourself: Avoiding Asbestos in Makeup Products

Protect Yourself: Avoiding Asbestos in Makeup Products

"However, asbestos is a notorious carcinogen, which means that exposure to it can cause various health problems, including cancer. While the use of asbestos in many industries has been banned in several countries, its presence in cosmetics is still a concern." Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used in various industries for decades. It is well known for its heat-resistant properties and has been widely used in construction, automotive, and manufacturing industries. However, asbestos is a notorious carcinogen, which means that exposure to it can cause various health problems, including cancer. While the use of asbestos in many industries has been banned in several countries, its presence in cosmetics is still a concern.

Slather up: Your Guide to SPF (Do you REALLY need it?)

Slather up: Your Guide to SPF (Do you REALLY need it?)

When these rays penetrate the skin, they alter the DNA in the skin's cells by causing structural changes to the DNA molecules. The energy from UV radiation can break down chemical bonds between the atoms in the DNA molecule, causing damage known as DNA lesions. These lesions can take different forms, including thymine dimers, which occur when two adjacent thymine bases in the DNA strand bond together, distorting the structure of the DNA...

Have you ever wondered about the history of cosmetics throughout the centuries?
Check out our storymap to learn all about it!

It might seem second nature, but you may enjoy putting on makeup for more reasons than just the razzle and dazzle of it all. We did a little digging and found getting done up, quite literally, improves your mental health. So if someone ever questions your choice to stand in front of the mirror for 30 solid minutes, you can tell them it’s an act of self-care. Not only does applying cosmetics enhance natural features, and boost the brain's dopamine and oxytocin production, but it amps up self-confidence, too. 

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