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Commitment issues? Fine lash line? Maturing eyes? Say no more! 

One size doesn't fit all (even with the introduction of segments). One style doesn't make everyone pause. In the development of the line, it was recognized that not everyone wants something bold, or maybe they did, but maybe their eyes just couldn't handle it without looking or feeling silly. What about a style for someone with commitment issues?

A gateway lash, easing you into the world of falsies....

Meet Pheonix, our most lightweight option in short to moderate length. Showcasing our most natural shape in a crisscross stitch for a feathery and airy lash. Staggered lengths resemble a natural lash pattern, presenting the perfect solution for anyone looking for something subtle or for older ladies with a faint lash line that don’t want something overpowering.

Length: Short to Medium

Shape: Natural

Available in: Full Band or Segments

Perfect For: Creating a subtle lash, accentuating eye makeup. Mature eyes. Faint lash lines. Achieving a lash look that isn’t overpowering or heavy.

Looks Incredible On: Round Eyes, Monolid, Hooded Eyes, Downturned, Almond


Not sure what eye shape you have? Check out our Find Your Fit page!