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Magnetic Eyelash Anchors

Use our revolutionary lash anchors to attach your full magnetic lash band for a completely mess-free application or pair them with magnetic eyeliner for an extra secure lash hold. 

You can absolutely purchase anchor magnets to pair with existing magnetic eyelashes BUT there is a caveat...

Since magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner involve a bit of science, allow us to explain briefly how magnetic poles work so that you can purchase anchors with guaranteed success:


Magnetic poles are the parts of a magnet where the magnetic force is the strongest. There are two types of magnetic poles:

  1. North - Positive Charge
  2. South - Negative Charge

Opposite poles attract each other, while the same poles repel each other.

When you bring two magnets close to each other, the magnetic force between them causes them to either attract or repel each other, depending on their poles.

If you bring a north pole (positive) close to a south pole (negative), the lines will align, and the magnets will stick together.

If you bring two north poles (positive) or two south poles (negative) close to each other, the lines will repel each other, and the magnets will try to move away from each other.

Head down to the next drop down for an illustration and guide on choosing negative, positive or mixed anchors.

If this all seems really confusing - we're here to help! Here's a quick lesson to help you understand all this mumbo-jumbo...


Magnetic Eyelash Anchors



If You Have a Labeled Magnet - You Can Check The Polarity of Your Existing Magnetic Lashes (Here's How...)

If the answer is YES - We recommend purchasing mixed poles if you also have existing FerroLashes that you'd like to use the anchors with - but if you're new to FerroLashes and are purchasing new lashes as well as anchors to use together, you can simply select Negative - we'll take care of the rest!

Since our anchors are new, previous bands may have been crafted with magnets facing either direction as it doesn't make any difference when using them with magnetic eyeliner.

BUT, to ensure nobody is left out of using this exciting new application method (and to save you some $$ by not having to purchase all new lashes just to use the anchors!), we have mixed options to accommodate everyone!

Going forward, all of our lash bands will be compatible with Negative (South) facing anchors.

Thanks for bearing with us in the meantime!