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Amazing and Unique

I haven't seen or used a clear liner for lashes before but it's a game changer and I love it!

Works really good!

Love it! Lasts forever, smooth, doesn't irritate at all


Really like them

So good

Grabs the lashes so well, stays put, comes off easy with micellar water


Have used magnetic eyeliners and been disappointed before but this one works really good, it’s a nice consistency and grabs the lashes instantly while holding them all day. Really love it!

California Curls

Love them!


Such pretty lashes and really good quality. Wasn’t expecting them to be so nice!

Pardon My Accent

Love these so much! They give my eyes perfect lift without looking too dramatic! Thank you, Lisa!

They look gorgeous on you!! Thank you for leaving this review and so happy to hear you're loving them!

Hands down, favorite liner ever!!!!!!!! I have super oily eyelids and this liner keeps my lashes on all day long and not tacky.

I love how easy these make application.

Great lashes if you can master applying smaller segments but it is also customizable so you can add as much or as little for a custom natural look!

I have the gold tweezers but so far the tweezers are nice with the rubber so that it’s gentle enough to us around the eyes to apply and pinch lashes together! Comes with a little brush to help clean lashes gently as well!

Amazing lash glue! I love the clear glue option because I have more control of what colours I can do for my my liner with or without liquid or powder liner.

The lash glue itself is adhesive so lashes will stick on as well as the magnetic lashes!


I used to get lash extensions every 2 weeks and they were really adding up. I saw these at the Women's show and had to try them. I have now converted 1000% to these as they are the best lashes I have ever worn. So many options, easy to apply, and stay on ALL day. These have made it through the nights of many concerts, events and now Stampede. So affordable and amazing quality. I will forever be a supporter.

Awe, Jessica this is the sweetest review - THANK YOU!! It was so nice to meet you and I'm so happy you're so in love with the lashes (because SAME!), they look amazing on you, thank you for your support!


Beautiful Natural Lashes!

These magnetic lashes are elegant and beautiful to wear for the non lash wearer that needs an occasional glam look here and there!

Very convenient to put on, however I would recommend with the appropriate tweezers for easy application and to not damage lashes!

Hi Moudka, so happy to hear you're loving the lashes, Faux Naturel is such a great choice for something natural and low key! And yes, for the anchors we definitely recommend going for either of our precision tweezers if you don't already have some, that way you can get a really clear picture of where you're landing the anchors to make sure they get nice and close to your lash line and keep things looking as seamless and natural as possible.

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review Moudka!

Spice Curl Lash
Jocelyn Suri
Long lashes that look natural

Lashes are longer so they fit nicely along the edge of your eyelids!! Long lasting, they can stay on for 12 to 16 hr shift at the hospital without reapplying glue.

Thanks Jocelyn for your review! So happy to hear you're loving these ones, they're a popular choice and we can certainly see why!

The Easiest Lash Application I've Ever Used

Honestly, this has changed my life! I'm used to using false lashes and applying eyeliners but there's usually some dry time involved or I find a lot of them irritating but not this one!

It feels amazing, it doesn't irritate my eyes at all.

It goes on clear so you don't have to worry about being fast or precise, I've let it dry 10 seconds before and I've let it dry 1 minute, it doesn't seem to matter, when I put my lashes on, they STICK! Like ALL DAY.

The one thing I will say is that with the black magnetic eyelash bands, you do either need to make sure the lashes are right against your natural lash line or need to line your eyelid with eyeliner before you apply the clear if you don't want to see the black band - so I would love to see an option for that!

Otherwise, this eyeliner is exactly what the lash world needs. Thank you QMBeautique!

Thank you so much for your review! Love to read all of this and see that you're finding it easy to use! We're also excited to share that we are in the process of adding lashes with clear bands, so make sure you're signed up to our newsletter and you'll be the first to know when they're here and ready!

Thank you so much for your purchase, have an amazing day,


Super Easy to Use!

I love this liner! I used FerroLiner before and it was great but it took alot of eyelid preparation and dry time and if you didn't follow the instructions, your liner would crack or lift and I didn't find that it was busy-morning friendly.

THIS liner though, I don't have to do anything to my eyelids at all before I swipe it on, I just put it on, let it dry to the touch (30seconds or so) and then attach my lashes and they don't budge at all!


Hello and thank you for taking the time to leave a review! Our first magnetic eyeliner (FerroLiner) certainly had some amazing promises in terms of being a serum and eyeliner in one but that came with it's own unique challenges, like a longer dry time as well as being somewhat fussy with eyelid prep, and some other manufacturing concerns - we're happy to say that we have a new manufacturer working on a future iterations and have taken all the feedback in so that we can make sure the next generation is as simple as possible!

In the meantime, we're excited about the new eyeliner and are happy to hear that you're loving it! While it isn't infused with the same serum properties as our FerroLiner formula, it is far less finicky and much easier to work with.

Thank you for being a customer!



Love these so so much, they look so beautiful on my eyes, the gaps make them super light and feel like I'm not wearing anything and don't darken my eyes at all! They are the perfect mix of drama without overpowering my eyes, the length is PERFECT, not too short, not too long. Amazing and I get compliments all the time on my lashes. My day to day and evening wear lashes, been wearing them daily!

Thank you so much for taking the time to review your lashes, we're so happy you're as obsessed with them as we are because they are GORGEOUS!!

Thanks for your purchase :)


Magnetic helps

Helps lash application for beginners

These are amazing! They help make the lash application way easier and faster!

Awesome product I love how easy it is to apply and how well it holds! Product lasts all day! Very good stuff

California Curl

California Curl lashes are beautiful! I had so many complements on my lashes. These lashes were easy to apply and did not budge During the 10 hours I had them on.
I have very sensitive skin and did not have any reaction to the clear choice product. I am extremely impressed with all the products I have bought from QMBeautique!

They look gorgeous on you!! Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review, these are such beautiful lashes, love the photo! The clear eyeliner is BOMB too!

Lovin’ the New Liner

I recently recieved the new magnetic eyeliner and it is a game changer. My old one dried up really quickly and I didn’t feel like the application was smooth. The new one is great, incredibly smooth and dries well and even. My lashes adhere to the liner and have great hold that last throughout the day. Even the wand seems like it’s improved and is incredibly smooth! Highly recommend purchasing!!

Hi Holly,

Thank you so much for taking the time to write a review AND for your patience with our eyeliners as we sorted through the issues with FerroLiners! They're being revisited in the lab to see what happened with them because the serum+eyeliner really is fantastic, but for now, we've got this entirely different formula and so far the feedback has been really amazing! So happy you're loving it and thank you again for your patience and for being a customer!


I love it

It's so good

So happy to hear that! Thank you so much for your order :)

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