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About the Brand


The Story Behind the Brand

QMBeautique was inspired by a passion for makeup, artistry, inner beauty and a deep desire to bring it all together in a cohesive package that aligned with personally driven enthusiasm for sustainability and clean beauty. 

My name is Lisa, I'm the face behind the brand and I'd like to personally welcome you to QMBeautique!

As a makeup artist and eyelash extension specialist, I kept running into the same problem – products loaded with chemicals, irritating client’s eyes, packaged in environmentally exhausting resources and sealed with a kiss.

As a mother of three young daughters, I am hyper aware of the need for human consumption pattern shifts so that we leave behind something wonderful for our children to enjoy and all future generations.

Having a love for business and beauty, I knew that I wanted to create something inspired by clean beauty, that was easy to use, environmentally responsible and allowed me to explore my passion for helping people feel beautiful.


QMBeautique was born...


Strip lashes were difficult to apply, ran a high risk of allergic reaction and didn’t look near as appealing as eyelash extensions, but many brides had reactions to adhesives in extensions as well. Cruising through social one day, magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes popped up and sparked instant curiosity.

The struggle of false lash application has been a long and tedious one but no more!

Gone are the days of fudging around with lash glue, ending up a hot mess, strips of lash popped off halfway through an event? Could it be?? Eyelash extensions are amazingly convenient and beautiful, but maintenance is time consuming and expensive.

The solution? Hello, magnetic eyeliner & eyelashes.

We certainly did not invent the concept (but we admire the woman who DID!! Innovation in the beauty industry is one of our most beloved things so we give utmost credit where due!), we simply took an already remarkable idea, added a few of our own unique tweaks based on industry experience, re-formulated mindfully and are proud to present a magnetic eyeliner and eyelash combo that is sure to knock your socks off!


"Minimal ingredient formulas, mindful creation and delivery. QMBeautique is where modern beauty meets sustainability..."  - Lisa Goodall, Owner.


Simple to use, simple ingredients, beautifully presented for you. Of course, we could have simply made another magnetic eyeliner but how fun would that have been? So, we asked ourselves, what if it not only worked incredibly well but it was beneficial to the wearer at the same time?

With a mindful commitment to cleaner ingredients, FerroLiner looks good and is good for you! Our highly pigmented, smudge proof formula glides on smooth and is built to last while the soothing antioxidant and vitamin rich formula may assist stimulating protein metabolism by fighting against oxidative stress, reducing inflammation, and helping to protect cells while nourishing and thickening your lash line. Domestically manufactured right in our very own Alberta, Canada.

Complimenting an outstanding magnetic eyeliner, our handcrafted eyelashes had to match with their own innovative and unique features!  We searched high and low, tested and re-tested until we found the perfect mix of shine, curl, durability and material for our lash line. Why stop there? Creative minds can’t help but ask what other problems might be fixed and cause 100% more work for themselves. FerroLash comes in either full strip lash bands or in segments, so YOU get to decide how you want to apply the lashes. It’s like build a bear but for grown ups!

Our lash and liner combo were meticulously crafted by a licensed esthetician, makeup artist and eyelash extension artist with special attention drawn to the design of our full lash line and eyeliner requirements and we are so excited to present FerroLiner and FerroLash to you!

We hope you fall just as in love with them as we have!


Our Mission:

Our mission statement is short and sweet: We're taking a mindful approach to beauty by supplying consumers with beautiful, sustainable, and simple products for an uncomplicated beauty routine and encouraging purchases that make you feel good.

Why do we believe this is important? Read more about our mission here!


Eco-Friendly Packaging Efforts

Upon initial research while developing our line of magnetic eyeliner and faux lashes, it became immediately apparent that there was a huge gap in the market. Research showed some alarming statistics; like this one, taken from an article published by Elle Canada, "An estimated 120 billion units of packaging are produced every year by the global cosmetics industry, most of which are not recyclable. Scientists suggest that by 2050, about 12,000 metric tons of plastic waste will be in landfills or the natural environment." - insert jaw drop here. 

So while the mid-20th century is known for the plastic boom for a variety of reasons, specifically the second world war and the emergence of personal care and hygiene, it's about time we rethink how that has taking a toll on the environment. Rethink, then act. 

So, in developing the line, we made it very clear to our suppliers that we require packaging that uses no or very little plastic and if there was plastic, it had to be absolutely necessary. Meaning there were no suitable alternatives. Well, this made for an interesting product creation process but believe us when we say IT WAS WORTH ALL THE EXTRA EFFORT. Click here to read more about our packaging.

 Sustainable Packaging

Tree Planting Efforts

As a Tree Canada Friend and with the support of our beloved customers, we donate a portion of our sales to support the National Greening Program with Tree Canada. Tree Canadas National Greening Program works across Canada to mass-plant seedlings, targeting areas where there is a need for reforestation or afforestation due to human activity or other causes. 

Trees play a very important role in mitigating the effects of climate change by sequestering CO2 and removing pollutants from our air. Tree Canada plants over 400,000 trees per year across Canada with the help of donations made to this program, see to read more about their purpose and to learn more about how you can get involved!