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Gift Them the Perfect Holiday Look Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Gift Them the Perfect Holiday Look Based on Their Zodiac Sign

What if someone said, “the perfect holiday look is based on your zodiac sign?” Would you believe them? Or would you take our word for it? 

This is the Best Gift Guide Feat. Clean Beauty Brands & Complete Holiday Looks

QMBeautique's Holiday Guide Best Lashes

In any case, whether you believe in the power of the cosmos or not, we've compiled a gift guide full of sustainable cosmetics, ethically-sourced makeup, and cruelty-free beauty brands. Full disclosure—these looks are fabulously festive. 

Sustainable Aries-Inspired Makeup 

The first house of the zodiac doesn't waste time chasing their dreams. Let's get them what they want this holiday season, a look so fierce it's brimming with holiday spirit.

Holiday Makeup Look for an Aries

Their perfect makeup look allows for full creative expression and flirty magnetic lashes bring it all together. There are two ways to wear our lash bands: segments (for those who are more skilled at makeup application) or full bands (for those who just wanna pop on and off quickly). Plus, you may just win their hearts if you gift them sustainable and good-for-you makeup brands.

The Perfect Lash Style for an Aries:

The Must-Have Products for the Aries in Your Life

Taurus-Inspired Glam w/ Lashes

Known for their lavishness and functionality, the Taurus is dedicated to quality. And a quality gift to them is one that captures their values and supports causes they care about.

Taurus Perfect Makeup Look for Holidays

A fun fact about QMBeautique is that we donate a percentage of all purchases to Tree Canada to support the National Greening Program. Make sure to drop that little fact on them when they unwrap their cruelty-free eyelashes. This earth sign will be in love right away. 

The Perfect Lash Style for a Taurus:

The Must-Have Products for the Taurus in Your Life

Thin Eyebrow Gemini-Inspired Holiday Look

May 21 to June 21

A Gemini lives for modern takes on nostalgic makeup trends. It's why their perfect look is the thin-eyebrow look that's trending hot and heavy right now with Gen Z influencers. The problem is most Gemini boost two polar-opposite faces (personalities).

Gemini makeup looks for the holidays lash styles

You may want to advise your Gemini not to pluck their eyebrows, but to use a handy brow gel instead. One day they may wake up and want to go full fluffy eyebrow again. The brow kit we’ve included below should be helpful. 

The Perfect Lash Style for a Gemini:

The Must-Have Products for the Gemini in Your Life

Cancer-Zodiac Sign Inspired Makeup

June 21 - July 22

In keeping with the fluidity of water, this makeup look has no cut creases and only a soft orange blend. A striking feature of this look is the butterfly lash style, which the Cancer in your life can recreate with our Phat and Sassy Lash Segments.

Cancer Zodiac Style Makeup Look with Eyelash Style

A little-known fact about this sign is that it is highly creative. This means that when it comes to makeup, allowing them to customize their lash looks gives them total creative freedom.

The Perfect Lash Style for a Cancer:

The Must-Have Products for the Cancer in Your Life

A Simple & Stunning Leo-Inspired Look

July 23 - August 22

Leos are lazy, so they should use simple products that produce stunning results. When the day is over, they can easily remove their false eyelashes to get back into their cozy mode.

Leo Zodiac Inspired Makeup Look with Perfect Lash Style

Our focus was the buildable yellow eyeshadow because it's bright and hints at the fierce lioness, nature of Leos.

The Perfect Lash Style for a Leo:


The Must-Have Products for the Leo in Your Life

Festive Holiday Makeup for a Virgo 

August 23 – September 22

A Virgo is THE self-proclaimed expert in whatever field they're passionate about.

False Eyelashes for Virgo Inspired Makeup Look

No matter how messy behind-the-scenes get, most maintain an appearance of posh style. With that said their holiday look can be summed up in two words: understated elegance. I think we need to add two more words: high quality.

The Perfect Lash Style for a Virgo:

The Must-Have Products for the Virgo in Your Life


Libra-Inspired Makeup

September 23 - October 22

Libra's perfect look is symmetrical and harmonious, but with lots of holiday cheer. When we found this look for the Libra in your life, we shed two glistening tears. It was just SO them!

Eyelash Look for Libra Inspired Makeup Look

This zodiac sign is known for being fair, gentle, and incredibly social. You can bet your favorite concert tee they’ll be at every holiday party they’re invited to this year. By giving them the tools of ethical beauty, you’ll win over their kind heart.

The Perfect Lash Style for a Libra:

The Must-Have Products for the Libra in Your Life


Very Hawt! Scorpio Makeup

October 23 - November 21

If there’s one idea a Scorpio can get behind it’s being a tease. This water sign is mistaken for a fire sign all the time because of how determined, unabashed, and resourceful they are.

Lash Styles perfect for Scorpio inspired makeup

There's no doubt they do their due diligence. So you can rest assured they'll get you a gift you didn't even know you needed and probably make you beg for it. This may be our hottest holiday makeup look yet! 

The Perfect Lash Style for a Scorpio:

The Must-Have Products for the Scorpio in Your Life

The Sagittarius’s Perfect Eyelash Style

November 22-December 21 

When it comes to the 9th zodiac, it’s the principle that counts, and your feelings do not.

Sagittarius Makeup Look and False Eyelashes

The Sag in your life is a fire sign that burns red hot throughout the coldest of winters. It's all things glam and cinnamon spice, with a side of glitter. As the jolliest season of the year approaches, it's only logical for them to get all razzle-dazzled-up’ed. 

The Perfect Lash Style for a Sagittarius:

The Must-Have Products for the Sagittarius in Your Life


Capricorns Will Love This Makeup Look 

December 21ˢᵗ to January 20th

Traditionally, people born under the 10th zodiac enjoy the folklore associated with Christmas and the winter solstice. There is no way they can disappoint you with their Holiday makeup look, so don’t disappoint them with makeup they’ll never wear. We're talking about whimsical eyelashes and some trendy eyeliner work, using our nourishing, minimal-ingredient eyeliner. #HelloooGraphicEyeliner

Capricorn Makeup Look with False Magnetic Makeup

The Perfect Lash Style for a Capricorn:

The Must-Have Products for the Capricorn in Your Life


Perfect Eyelashes for an Aquarius 

January 20 - February 18

If there's one thing you need to know about an Aquarius, it's that they're always pushing the envelope. Their holiday look should do the same, bringing them joy as they create it. They're innovators, so gift them products they can experiment with. 

Aquarius Makeup Look for the Holidays

TLDR; We've found the perfect stocking stuffers below so you don't have to spend half an hour in the cosmetics department wondering which eyeliner symbolizes "innovation" or which eyelashes that embody "best eyelash styles for an Aquarius.” It's all here.

The Perfect Lash Style for an Aquarius:

The Must-Have Products for the Aquarius in Your Life


Best Makeup for Pisces

February 19 and March 20

Pisces is often depicted by two fish swimming together in a soft fluid dance of duality. This water sign is perhaps a little quieter than most but don’t let you fool you, that one-holiday party they’ll go to will be done in absolute style. We think we captured this sign's desire to escape reality perfectly with the Pisces makeup idea below.

Lash style and Makeup Look for Pisces

The Perfect Lash Style for a Pisces:

The Must-Have Products for the Pisces in Your Life

Well, that's a wrap on our zodiac makeup. Let us know if you found the perfect lash for your zodiac and leave us a review after the holidays. This was so much fun to create for y’all! 

If you want to take your gift to the next, consider the recipient's eye shape and maturity. If that’s too much pressure just give them a QMBeautique gift card and have them take the lash quiz.


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