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Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes - FerroLine



Have you ever...


  • Struggled to apply strip lashes?
  • Wanted strip lashes that look like extensions?
  • Wondered how some people seem to apply their lashes effortlessly while you just can't seem to figure out how to get them on?
  • Had an adverse reaction to lash extensions?
  • Reacted to lash glue or adhesives?


Sound Familiar...?


You're going to enjoy a night out and you've curated the perfect look with great makeup, just one final touch...lashes. 
You give yourself the pep talk, line that lash with adhesive and stick it on.
Wait, what's this?
It's not sticking. Try again, nay-nay. One more time. Ok, maybe if I just close this eye and say a prayer. Hm, still no. Ok, flip upside down, count to ten and what in the world! It looked so much easier when the girl on the video did it...
We get it.
Strip lashes are intimidating! The good news is that the beauty industry is evolving and there IS a better way....


A domestically manufactured magnetic eyeliner curated by a makeup artist and eyelash extension specialist.

What does that mean for you?

Industry experience allowed us to identify some key flaws in traditional lash application and adhesives - and then develop something that we know with certainty, will make your lash life easier!


Because here's the thing...


We live in an age where time is more valuable than gold and products are loaded with more chemicals than a high school science lab...


You need something that won't cost you hours of your time every couple of weeks to maintain...


Something that won't leave you with half a strip of lashes popped up halfway through the day or during an event (because there's nothing funny about realizing after a conversation with someone seemingly captivated by your angelic peepers that it was in fact due to the corner of your lash line waving hello the whole time)...


Something that isn't difficult to use or that leaves you with irritated and puffy eyes...


You need simplicity - and that's just what you'll find here. 


If you've had allergic reactions to lash extensions or lash adhesives - you've likely come into contact with too many ingredients and/or too harsh of ingredients. 


FerroLiner & FerroLashes - Our Solution to Your Problem


Our magnetic eyeliner was developed to be gentle, simple to use and reliable with no sacrifice to quality. 

Gone are the days of messing around with lash glue, strips of lash popped off halfway through an event. FerroLiner bonds to the magnets on the strip lash or segments and only gets more secure as the day goes on, NOT the other way around.


Eyelash extensions are amazingly convenient and beautiful, but maintenance is time consuming and expensive and often, you're left with a sparse natural lash line.  FerroLiner is more than just a functional magnetic eyeliner - it's infused with vitamins, minerals and other water soluble botanical extracts commonly found in expensive lash growth serums so you can treat your lash line while you wear it!


Simple to use, simple ingredients, beautifully presented for you. Of course, we could have simply made another magnetic eyeliner but how fun would that have been? So, we asked ourselves, what if it not only worked incredibly well but it was beneficial to the wearer at the same time?


And we present to you...



  • LOCALLY MADE - Manufactured in CANADA


We want to help you to save time and energy while nourishing your lash line.


No more messing around with lash glue, adhesives or harsh chemicals, our magnetic eyeliner is applied the exact same way a liquid eyeliner is and due to the ferrous nature of the formula, you simply click the lash band into place once the eyeliner is dry and you’re on your way! It’s that simple.


With a mindful commitment to cleaner ingredients, our multi purpose magnetic eyeliner not only looks good but is good for you!  Part eyeliner, part serum with a minimalist formula using synergistic ingredients.


Laymen's terms, please...


FerroLiner is infused with nourishing ingredients so that our soothing antioxidant and vitamin rich formula may assist stimulating protein metabolism by fighting against oxidative stress. This helps to protect cells, while nurturing and thickening your lash line and reducing inflammation. Our highly pigmented eyeliner glides on smooth and dries to a satin finish, built to last without smudging.


The Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice base combined with Achillea Millefolium Extract, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E) and water-soluble botanical extracts like Tussilago Butterfara (Coltsfoot) Leaf Extract, Cinchona Succirubra Bark Extract deliver an eyeliner with a velvety texture that feels great both applied and dried and has received great reviews from even the most sensitive of eyes.


Wait...there's more??


Of course! We value sustainability. Our eyeliner packaging is made of a calcium carbonite substrate (laymen’s terms – stone paper) and we are very excited to present this beautifully functional eyeliner in the worlds first stone paper box.

Endlessly recyclable, stone paper is a new type of printing substrate which requires far fewer resources in its production process than traditional paper production and has a much small impact than even biodegradable packaging in terms of production. No trees, water or additives were required to make these boxes and they generate no toxic emission during incineration. Now that's the kind of 'sealed with a kiss' packaging we like to see!


Domestically made, our eyeliner is formulated and manufactured in Alberta, Canada.


Pairing with...





Complimenting an outstanding magnetic eyeliner, our handcrafted magnetic eyelashes meet the same high standards with their own innovative and unique features! 


We searched high and low, tested and re-tested until we found the perfect mix of shine, curl, durability and material for our lash line.




Made of high quality PBT fibres, FerroLash comes in either full strip lash bands or in segments, so you get to decide how you want to apply the lashes. Each and every set of lashes have been meticulously hand crafted with care and attention to bring a beautifully resilient lash that can be reworn up to 30 times with proper maintenance and care. 


Our broad range of lash styles vary from cat eye (elongated at the ends) to natural (woven in the same manner a natural lash line would appear) or doe eye (where the inner corner is shorter, longer above the iris to open up the eyes and gradually shorter at the outer corners). The various options go from lightweight for a more natural looking lash, to a few everyday styles (a couple different length, thicknesses and shapes) and a few evenings or event styles.



The Build-A-Bear of False Lashes...


Lash segments

Get ready to encounter false lashes with the most custom lash experience possible! All bands outside our accent lash line have the additional option to purchase as segments – which means your lashes just became 100% customizable to fit all the different moods, shapes and looks.


Looking to add some flare to the ends of your eyes? No problem.

Want to adjust the shape for a different look? Mix and match segments within the band and you have a new look. Segments are your road to the perfect fit, just for your eyes.


Incorporating sustainability into your beauty routine has never been easier. Our packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials and our lash trays are the first of their kind; made of Sugar Cane Bagasse - a biodegradable, renewable resource. Simply remove the magnetic holding band from the tray before disposal and you've taken one step closer to a zero-waste beauty regime!

Sugarcane Lash Trays


Curves n Curls

With 10 styles to choose from, there is a lash for every eye shape and desired look. To keep things simple, we have broken down our lashes into three basic shapes. Each lash has a shape (or shapes if it is a blend) assigned to it, so you’ll know just what you’ll be getting yourself into.


Natural: Subtle length changes throughout. The shape of the lash mimics the natural eyelash growth patterns. Shorter lashes inside taper slowly outward and gently come back in towards the ends.

               Great for: Round, Monolid, Hooded, Downturned, Upturned, Almond or Protruding


Doe Eye: The famous doe eye features shorter lengths on either side and longer lengths above the iris. This shape makes the eyes appear open, bright, bigger and more round.

               Great for: Monolid, Hooded, Downturned, Almond, Wide-Set, Deep-Set or Protruding


Cat Eye: This style features lashes that start with a shorter inner eye length and graduate to long at the outer edges of the eyes. This gorgeous shape draws the eyes out to emphasize width and create an illusion of exotic, sultry eyes as they draw attention to the outer corners.

               Great for: Round, Upturned, Almond, Close-Set, Protruding


Not sure about your eye shape or how to choose a lash to compliment it? See our Find Your Fit page here to help make your purchase even easier!


 Ready to make false lashes a breeze?