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Should I Get Eyelash Extensions if I Have Sensitive Eyes?

Should I Get Eyelash Extensions if I Have Sensitive Eyes?

The answer to “should I get eyelash extensions if I have sensitive eyes?" is a simple one — what’s your tolerance for discomfort? The glue used to ensure the lashes last for weeks contains strong chemicals, which can be irritating if you have hypersensitive eyes. So, if you'd like to opt out of swollen, red or itchy eyes, maybe skip the extensions.

Then again, they do make you look extra captivating, bold lashes that is, so we understand if you don't want to go without them.

Keep reading! We’re about to give you fantastic ways to achieve full glam with and without lash extensions.

What You Need to Know About Eyelash Extensions

Wearing eyelash extensions or using false eyelashes may result in eye discomfort. This reaction happens when makeup or adhesive products (i.e., glue) cause irritation to the membranes of your eye. The irritation mimics an allergic reaction resulting in itchy, watery, or burning sensations of the affected skin. 


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The solution for easily irritated eyes? Do some investigating and follow the guidelines for comfortable eyelash application. (Or read an article that did the investigation for you.)

Best Directions for Eyelash Extensions…

Avoid products containing formaldehyde, or latex (if you have an allergy), one simple way of lowering your risk of reaction is to ask your technician to tell you more about the glue they will be using for your lash application. 

You must do these things: verify with your technician that they use surgical-grade glue to avoid irritation. Another tip? You shouldn't even feel the glue on your skin; it should be placed on the lash itself. A great tech won't mind you asking these questions to ensure you're comfortable.

Study the reviews/ask around. As your natural lashes shed, so do the extensions. An experienced professional will apply them correctly, saving you a lot of discomfort as the lashes grow out. 

Describe your concerns to the technician as well. Putting your trust in a professional is fine, but remember that you are the one with the most comprehensive understanding of your standards. 


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Aftercare is the next step for sensitive eyes after you leave the technician's office. In the event that you got through the application without irritation and the lash fibers themselves don't cause irritation, then it's time to look at aftercare. Without proper lash care, you can transfer bacteria over to your new set, weaken the bonds, or scrub them right off. If you’re prone to eye 'issues' aftercare has to be a priority. 


Not keeping up with aftercare/during-care could result in a nasty thing called Blepharitis, or inflammation of the eyelid. So make sure to brush out lashes with a clean tool and use a specially formulated, lash cleaner over your normal face wash. 

You should also wait at least 48 hours after application before wearing eye makeup. When you do, avoid using products (e.g., eyeshadows or primers) that contain either mineral oil, vegetable oil, coconut oil, or canola oil in them. The oils dissolve the glue bond, which loosens your lashes and can cause your eyes to burn.


Shop False Lashes for Sensitive Eyes

Feeling ehhh— about extensions after reading all of that? We get it. Maybe you’re saying okay, what about falsies? Could those be an option without all the discomfort? Yes and maybe not.

Unfortunately, if you chose to apply false lash bands with glue, you’re running into some of the same problems as the technician applied lashes. Glue is glue and it can be irritating.

Anything requiring an adhesive that uses cyanoacrylate is not a sustainable solution for delicate eyes. And the cold, indisputable facts are that the majority of false eyelash glue formulas contain cyanoacrylate. In plain words, that’s ‘crazy glue’ or ‘super glue’. We suppose anyone would pause before applying super glue to such a sensitive area as the eyes. 

However, if you find yourself being able to tolerate falsies requiring glue but are still experiencing discomfort from lash extensions it could be the lash itself. Although, only a small number of people will truly experience discomfort because of the fibers, it’s not impossible.

The possibility of sensitivity to the hair-like fibers is worth taking a closer look at if nothing else seems at fault. 


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What lashes should you wear with sensitive eyes? Plus, finding the right lashes for sensitive eyes!

Luckily there are options for sensitive eyes, like magnetic eyeliner and custom magnetic false lashes. These lashes and liners are rapidly gaining popularity thanks to their eye-catching effect (pun intended) and easy application. Of course, there’s also the advice we just gave you for safe eyelash extension application— but who would we be if we didn’t proudly plug our minimal ingredient, nourishing magnetic eyeliner? We wouldn’t be QMBeautique that’s for sure. We’d be the other guys.  

If we were the other guys, we'd attach some fibers to your eyelids with formaldehyde and make the next few weeks glamorous but sensitive-eye hell. But we’re not the other guys. We’re pretty confident our product will not only go on smoothly with no irritation but also help nourish your lash line. This is so you can grow stronger lashes while others weaken theirs with harmful glues. If you’d like a more customized look while using magnetic lashes, consider lash segments over full-band. 

Magnetic Lashes Care 

Aftercare is also a must for magnetic lashes. You may take them off each night or after a long day at work, but you still need to clean them and your eyes thoroughly. Since magnetic lashes can be worn many times with proper care, keeping them clean will ensure your beauty investment lasts as long as possible.

(The micro-magnets will work better without leftover product caked on them.)


Cleaning after wearing also keeps your eyes healthy and ready to sport your lashes bright and early the following day. No glue, proper care, healthy eyes, and magnetic lashes add up to a beautiful you!


QMBeautique  Magnetic Lashes Make Eyes Beautiful

We think that’s enough said.

The only thing you’ll want to consider before investing in magnetic eyeliner and lashes is if you’re sensitive to nickel, some brands of magnetic eyeliner contain nickel. Ours does not.


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