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The Best Ways to Spend Smart on Eco-Friendly Beauty

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You don't always save money when you spend smart, but you get much more. The old adage "you get what you pay for" applies here. However— the more money you spend isn't necessarily a sign of eco-friendliness. That's a brain teaser, we know, we're about to explain.

It seems a little tricky but, a high-quality product and brands that align with sustainable values can’t always be indicated by a higher price tag. The reality is some labels tout optimistic language like clean, minimal, or natural, but the price you’re paying for is the retail markup and brand name. 

Unfortunately, many don’t care about the environment at all. In other words, you're not purchasing from a brand that invests in R&D, but rather from a brand that prioritizes marketing over sustainability. 

Does that feel like smart spending or like you got ripped off?

Worry not, with 3 quick tips we’ll tell you how to figure out if not only a product but the brand behind it, is also harmonious with your values. 


woman applying mascara makeup


First, a little background on eco-purchasing. There are 3 components that define an eco purchase…

  1. It Reduces Waste
  2. Supports Recycling Efforts
  3. Minimizes Industry Drain on Earth’s Resources


While doing your part to make smart buys is one way to support eco-purchasing, it’s also your enthusiasm that’s important. Peer-to-peer recommendations are a powerful marketing tool, one our planet earth desperately needs. If you find an eco-purchase that really blew you away, write a review, gift the product, or tell your bestie. This is how sustainable beauty becomes the norm. 

Tip One: Take a Look at Packaging (or other similar factors) and Compare Costs

If you want to spend smart on Eco-Friendly beauty, meaning your money is actually going where you want it to go, inspect the packaging. Imagine this— you have three brands of eyeliner…

  • Eyeliner A is branded eco-friendly at $25 a tube the packaging is not recyclable or biodegradable
  • Eyeliner B is also branded eco-friendly and costs $29 a tube, the packaging is recyclable and/or biodegradable
  • Eyeliner C is not made by a sustainable brand, the non-recyclable packaging will only add to the cosmetics industry's waste issues. The cost for this eyeliner is $13 per tube. 

If you were in the market for a sustainable brand of eyeliner but don’t want to buy the $39 tube and would rather go with the $35 one, is there any difference between picking eyeliner C? It’s a debatable scenario— we know. Our point is that the $4 extra would be the smart way to spend your money on eco-friendly beauty. 

Here’s our reasoning…

By having biodegradable packaging, the product is more environmentally friendly. In spite of the higher price, the sustainable brand does all the things you want it to do. If you're willing to spend more because a brand aligns with your values, then it is a savvy eco purchase. 

Remember what we said earlier? When you spend smart, you don't always spend less, but you gain more.

Tip Two: Ensure You’re Paying For What They Say You Are

We do want to say be careful of greenwashing. It’s a rampant practice throughout most big industries. In essence, when a company green-washes its product, it makes suggestive claims, attaches a pricey price tag, and makes you feel better about your purchase, but essentially they aren’t doing the real work to be ecologically responsible.

Take us for example, our magnetic nourishing eyeliner. It’s made with simple and few ingredients as possible to get the job done. We researched and developed the formula carefully in every possible way, not just for its effectiveness, but also for considering environmental impact. What we didn't do was write natural on the box and not do the work to make it so.


sugarcane lash trays sustainable biodegradable makeup


To be an even more eco-friendly brand, we package our products using eyelash trays made of sugarcane and boxes from stone paper, which remains stable and not harmful throughout its lifetime.



Tip Three: Purchase Multipurpose Cosmetics

Your cosmetics can do a lot more than you think. When we formulated our nourishing eyeliner we wanted it to accomplish *three things…

  1. Allow easy application for our magnetic lash collection: FerroLashes.
  2. Give your lashes a little nourishment! Using a minimalist formula we infused our magnetic eyeliner with potent growth serum ingredients.
  3. To be an eyeliner you can count on to make you look flawless. 

**We also created the FerroLiner with minimal ingredients, using less of the earth's precious resources. 

If we add up the cost of those three cosmetic requisites (i.e., liner, serum, and adhesive) bought separately, that’d be over $100 spent on cosmetics by a long shot. (Popular lash growth serums on the market range from $24.00 to $99.99 a tube. Add on the cost of your favorite eyeliner, and falsie glue, and wham, you’ve just spent dolla-dolla bills.) 

QMBeautique Ferroliner Multi-tasking Eyeliner lash adhesive


Some Favorite Multipurpose Cosmetics Combos:

We won’t deny the joy of owning a great variety of makeup, but that isn't why you are reading this article. You're here to learn how to spend wisely on eco-friendly beauty. So keep these closing remarks at the front of your mind:

Multitasking cosmetics is simply one solution. The fact is, that fewer products mean less packaging waste. Don't think of it as giving up anything either. Focusing on one product means  more time understanding if it's a fit for you. Not to mention— using less product translates to a simplified beauty routine! 

Always do your research. A smart purchase is the only one that allows you to justify the price because it has all the qualities you expect from an eco-conscious, beauty brand.


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