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Tips on Recycling or Reusing Your Packaging

Tips on Recycling or Reusing Your Packaging

Since good planets are somewhat hard to come by, we thought it was kind of important to ensure our packaging is either compostable or fully recyclable.

Thank you for your purchase and support! 


Here is a simple guide on how to reuse or dispose of your packaging:

#1. REUSE it wherever possible. A truly circular economy is built on eliminating waste and continually reusing resources already out there. We encourage you to reuse your shipping packaging. Need some inspiration? Try these:

  • Like to indulge in a little gardening? Try using it as a gardening container! Start by lining your shipping box with a moisture barrier such as an old plastic bag (see what we did there? #reusereusereuse). Reinforce the box if necessary to secure any weak areas. You may need to poke a couple of holes for drainage or you could drop in some pebbles at the bottom for both weight and to help drain excess water. Add potting soil, plant seeds/plant, create a watering schedule and VOILA! Depending on what you're using it for, you could get real creative here (starting seedlings, planting little house plants, using it as a gardening pot, etc.) and don't forget to TAG us on social using #qmbeautique to get your creatively reused box featured! (Did you know that we offer a 10% OFF custom discount code when you reuse our shipping box and then tag us?? Details enclosed on the inside bottom of your shipping box!)
  • Have kids? Enjoy crafts? Reuse your old shipping box to house art supplies! Who doesn't enjoy an organized art station? Try cutting (carefully, of course) holes in the top of the box and labelling each hole for it's designed purpose. For example, one hole for markers to stand upright, one hole or slit to hold crayons, one hole for the scissors. Feel free to get creative and don't forget to tag us so we can see your amazing creation and revel in your genius, too!
  • Repurpose as gift packaging. Our boxes are beautiful, you could just pop something right into it and be done with it OR if you love work, you could wrap it tightly in festive gift wrap for a completely custom box. Your choice but don't forget to tag us! #qmbeautique
  • Reuse it for household storage. Similar to the art station mentioned above, you could reuse it for really anything. Office organizer, kitchen drawer organizer, knick-knack container, keepsake box (ok, ok, maybe you want something more custom for keepsakes but did you see the repurposed gift wrapping? you could custom wrap it beforehand!). The possibilities are endless!!
  • Need some drink coasters on the fly? We'd hate to see the boxes cut into a gazillion pieces, but if in the name of reusing - then together we stand! Bonus tip - reuse those coasters after you reuse the box as furniture sliders.

#2. Compost. Our bubble mailers are real cushy dirt bags and are fully compostable and so are the shipping labels. The outer layer is made from white FSC recycled paper and the inside contains compostable bubbles. Commercially Compostable AS 4736 | FSC Forest Stewardship Council Paper. These bags carry the AS 4736 certification for Industrial Compostability. This is because the bubbles are made up of 3 layers of film and, while the individual layers are thin enough to break down in a home compost, when combined, they do not have that certification.

#3. Recycle. We have a variety of packaging which can be fully recycled. 

Tissue Paper - Feel free to reuse the tissue paper but if you must, please check with your waste management provider here. Some have a preference for tissue paper to be curbside recycled while others prefer compost due to the flimsy nature and short fibre lengths. 

Lash Boxes - Since those super cute boxes with magnetic lids aren't actually recyclable without prior removal of the inner magnets, we made sure to have slider boxes so that our false lash boxes are fully recyclable without any work required from you! 

Packaging Box Void Fill - You guessed it, fully recyclable. It's just shredded paper. Recycle the same way you would normally.

FerroLiner Box - HDPE 2. Due to the binding agent in the box, it must be recycled with plastics to be recycled properly (IT IS NOT PLASTIC but due to the binding agent, it cannot be recycled with paper). Click here to learn more about these boxes and submit any questions about sustainable disposal in your area! 

If you have any questions about proper disposal, please feel free to reach out!


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