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You Won't Believe What Makeup Does for Mental Health!

You Won't Believe What Makeup Does for Mental Health!

It might seem second nature, but you may enjoy putting on makeup for more reasons than just the razzle and dazzle of it all. We did a little digging and found getting done up, quite literally, improves your mental health. So if someone ever questions your choice to stand in front of the mirror for 30 solid minutes, you can tell them it’s an act of self-care. Not only does applying cosmetics enhance natural features, and boost the brain's dopamine and oxytocin production, but it amps up self-confidence, too. 

Are you curious how gliding on lipstick and sweeping blush across your cheeks can manage all that? 

We’ve got explanations, read on. 

Touch and Oxytocin 

Well, it turns out the science isn’t so complicated. Self-touch releases oxytocin, encouraging you to build an intimate self-bond. And that bond manifests in increased self-esteem, confidence, and lots of warm feelings. 

To keep it short, encouraging a tiny rush of this neurotransmitter regulates emotions and releases a halo effect of positivity.




Encourages You to Focus 

As you stand in front of the mirror concentrating, there’s also the bonus effect of focus. The mind stills as you think of nothing else but getting that cat-eye just-so. When thoughts slow, it can feel relaxing. The tension melts away. Far too often, people spend the majority of their  days overwhelmed and worried. Most are hardly able to focus on the task at hand for any consequential length of time.  In fact, studies are revealing the average person's attention span is shorter than that of a goldfish. 

So, take your time applying your makeup. Enjoy a break from rumination or anticipation and step into your makeup flow. (And honestly, there’s no quicker way to ruin a look, complete with our alluring magnetic doe’s lashes than an overwhelmed-pinched-up brow.)

Step into Flow and Feel Accomplished

"Makeup flow", a term we just coined, describes the state of being totally focused on a singular task: getting dolled up! And by no means is it a selfish task, it’s invoking flow, culling your attention, releasing feel-good brain chemicals.


When all of your attention is given to the task at hand, it feels like an accomplishment. And just an FYI: slipping into a flow state has been described as experiencing true happiness. 

If you ever needed a validating reason to slip away for some me-time, this is it. 

For Dopamine’s Sake, Admire Your Finished Work of Art 

Admiring the final look is also an important part of the process. Remember how we said doing your makeup can also encourage the release of dopamine? Well, this is the moment it happens. When you take a step away from the mirror, round those shoulders back, and catch yourself grinning at your reflection. Cha-cha-ching, the brain starts ah-buzzing with dopamine.

While this neurotransmitter doesn’t directly impact mood, it creates a strong reward response in the body. Rewards are well… rewarding, aren’t they? 



(Whoever said vanity was a sin had no clue how taxing it is to be a strong, confident woman in today’s society.) Take the small wins. Do the things to improve your day and worry not about the rest. Plus, when you beat your face, it’s practically art therapy.




Make Putting on Makeup a Daily Ritual

Habits feel pleasurable because they’re chemically rewarding, and rituals work the same. Although we hesitate to call a ritual a routine because there’s a faint but significant difference…

Routines focus on the what, the task list, and muscle memory. 

Rituals focus on the why. 

Why do you enjoy putting on makeup? Why do you make time for this moment at the start of every day? 

This ‘why’ is important. No matter how small it may seem, your answer can simply be because it makes you smile when it’s done. A boost of confidence, a hum of oxytocin, that can be the ‘why’, and it’s completely valid. Doing your makeup is an act of self-care and certainly a win for mental health! 

Try New Makeup Looks to Improve Your Mood 

You're selling yourself short if you constantly try trending makeup looks and don't call yourself a creative. One million percent babes, you’re an artist! They don’t call them makeup artists for no reason. Try some trending eyeliner looks with our minimal ingredient, liquid eyeliner! FerroLiner goes on super smooth and nourishes your lash line all day long. 

Experimenting with makeup is a classic way to express your creativity and light up the right brain! The right hemisphere is notorious for being responsible for assessing mental and physical states. By engaging this part of the brain and getting creative, you'll likely improve a sour mood very quickly.

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We’re Only Here to Reassure that You Made the Right Choice 

We hope we were able to show you that anytime used getting ready is time well spent: an act of self-care that can be done guilt-free. It’s not a frivolous act, it’s therapeutic! 

(Did we just write a whole article validating your need to spend an hour in the bathroom? Why yes, yes we did.) 


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