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Magnetic Eyelash Segments



The Build-A-Bear of False Lashes...

Magnetic Eyelash Segments


Customize to fit your eyes. 


Get ready to encounter false lashes with the most custom lash experience possible!


All bands outside our accent lash line have the additional option to purchase as segments – which means your lashes just became 100% customizable to fit all the different moods, shapes and looks.


Looking to add some flare to the ends of your eyes? 

Want to adjust the shape for a different look?


Don't want to worry about trimming the ends and loosing the shape?


Mix and match segments within the band and you have a new look. Segments are your road to the perfect fit, just for your eyes.


Incorporating sustainability into your beauty routine has never been easier. Our packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials and our lash trays are the first of their kind; made of Sugar Cane Bagasse - a biodegradable, renewable resource. Simply remove the magnetic holding band from the tray before disposal and you've taken one step closer to a zero-waste beauty regime!