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Fluff Up Your Jam

Fluff Up Your Jam 

These will get you fluffin' and make your day!

Part of the lightweight line, this airy lash and deep curl features a cat eye shape for a look that's enticing, yet graceful.

The crisscross stitch on these makes them super lightweight and fluffy. These are your go to if you aren’t looking for all the glam but still want that jam!

Length: Medium to Long

Shape: Cat Eye

Available in: Full Band or Segments

Perfect For: Sultry, yet classy. Something lightweight and airy, the set it and forget kind of lash. Great for mature eyes

Looks Incredible On: Round, Almond, Monolid, Upturned, Close-Set, Deep-Set

Not sure what eye shape you have? Check out our Find Your Fit page!