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Defining Cruelty-Free

Taken from the Leaping Bunny website, "All testing of finished Cosmetics and/or Household Products, or any one or more Ingredients or formulations used in manufacturing or production of such products in which whole non-human animals are the test subjects, including without limitation, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and non-human mammals.

Animal Testing excludes in vitro tests or tests conducted completely with human volunteers."

We're fully cruelty free, which means our lashes have been hand crafted with only the highest quality synthetic fibres.

We do not carry real mink fibres.

Mink lashes have become popular in many countries. Taken from the PETA website, they're made from mink fur which is shaved off their bodies generally right before or after they are killed on a fur farm, and are then used for humans to acheive a fuller and thicker look.

No, thanks.

"Minks are the most commonly farmed fur-bearing animals in the world. They’re bred and slaughtered on fur farms around the world for their fur, and farmers often kill them in gas chambers. If you purchase a mink fur coat or a set of mink lashes, you’re supporting an industry in which animals endure immense fear, stress, disease, parasites, and other physical and psychological hardships."

You can rest assured knowing that all of our lashes do not, and will never, include fur.

Because we are not the only ones who live on this planet and we believe that we should all act that way.

Respecting ecosystems and all living things is important to us and if you feel the same way,

Welcome, friend!