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Lets talk Magnetic Eyeliner

Since hitting the market, magnetic eyeliner and magnetic false lashes have become a staple among beauty gurus, beginners and all users in between but the single most searched topic about them is: Is it safe?? So let's start there!


Is it safe to wear magnetic eyeliner?

The magnetic ingredient inside the FerroLiner is a synthetically prepared iron oxide. This ferrous material makes the bond possible and believe it or not, iron oxides have been used in coloring for cosmetics and skin care since the early 1900’s. Iron oxides are a naturally occurring mineral deposits and have been used as pigments in a variety of applications.

As with any cosmetic, you want to avoid getting the product into your eyes and since the false lash has small magnets placed along the lash line, care should be taken when applying to ensure they do not contact the eye, which could scratch or damage it.

The one thing we do warn about regarding the magnetic eyeliner system is use during an MRI.  Since the product is magnetic, never use magnetic eyeliner or lashes during MRI. Use of magnetic eyeliner or lashes may affect proper function of hearing aids, pacemakers or defibrillators. If any of these apply to you, we do not recommend using this product.


Will the Magnetic lashes damage my own lashes? 

FerroLashes, when applied correctly, will not damage your own lashes and that is what makes it such a great alternative to eyelash extensions. 

Magnetic eyelashes that sandwich the natural lashes together (think top strip, bottom strip, smoosh) have been known to pull out the natural lashes upon improper removal; however, we do not sell these types of magnetic eyelashes for just that reason - and because it really isn't as easy for most users!


What makes this magnetic eyeliner different?

To take things one step further, we have infused our formula with nourishing ingredients, to make it not only a beautiful magnetic eyeliner but also part lash serum. Our soothing antioxidant and vitamin rich formula may assist stimulating protein metabolism by fighting against oxidative stress. This helps to protect cells, while nurturing and thickening your lash line and reducing inflammation. 

With a commitment to cleaner ingredients, this is your multi purpose magnetic eyeliner that not only looks good but is good for you!  Domestically made, our eyeliner is formulated and manufactured right here in our home, Alberta, Canada with high quality assurance and control.

Our eyeliner is part serum, part eyeliner with a minimalist formula using synergistic ingredients (which, simply put, means there are less chemicals in it, leaving ample room for good ones that work seamlessly together to create a beautiful and functional eyeliner that feels great on!).

Leaping Bunny Certified - To ensure all cosmetics meet the high standard of quality and ethical production that we strive for and support, FerroLiner has been leaping bunny certified. This means that we never conduct or commission animal testing, nor do we use any ingredient or formulation that is tested on animals.

Our formula is:

Vitamin and Mineral Infused

PH Balanced






We want to feel good about being in business and we hope you feel good about purchasing from our business as well. Our packaging is no different when it comes to mindful production.

Our outer eyeliner packaging is made of stone paper with a much smaller impact than even biodegradable packaging in terms of production. We introduce to you, the worlds first Stone Paper Box. Stone paper is a new type of printing substrate which requires far fewer resources in its production process than traditional paper production. Among many other interestingly sustainable features, our eyeliner boxes are composed of 80% calcium carbonate and 20% high density polyethylene (HDPE) which make the boxes endlessly recyclable, uses no trees, water or additives and generate no toxic emissions during incineration. To learn more about stone paper and its radical sustainability, click here.

For every sale, we donate a portion to Tree Canada. We believe in the power of offsetting carbon footprint and proudly support the National Greening Program with Tree Canada. Tree Canada targets areas where there is a need for reforestation or afforestation due to human activity or other causes. Supporting the restoration of forests and wildlife habitat, and contributing to cleaner air, cleaner soil, and cleaner waterways across Canada. They plant over 400,000 trees per year across Canada with the help of donations made to this program.



Let's Talk Ingredients

We have an open door policy as it relates to the ingredients we use, production processes and all of our products and gladly accept any questions you may have! All of our ingredients have been carefully chosen and mindfully added into the formula to bring you a superior product that we can both stand behind.


I've read that phenoxyethanol is unsafe but it is shown in the ingredient list for FerroLiner, what is it and why do you use it? 

Phenoxyethanol as used in our magnetic eyeliner is part of a preservative system which keeps the product safe after it is opened. Combined with Ethylhexylglycerin, these two ingredients are a very high-quality choice for preservation to protect the product from pathogens like bacteria, yeasts, mold or fungi - yuck!  And since FerroLiner goes on your eye, we found it extra important to choose a high-quality preservative because you only get one pair of peepers.  

Each of these ingredients have been deemed safe by every governing body in the world. They have each gone through the necessary safety and toxicity testing in order to be used in the cosmetics industry and we have made sure to use the lowest concentration amount while maintaining it's strong protective abilities. It is important to note that the amount used is less than 1%.

Additionally, the negative mention about Phenoxyethanol was based on research that had nothing to do with use in the cosmetic grade version, which is purified prior to it's use in cosmetic formulations and why we feel comfortable in it's use in our formula.

There are two particular studies done and shared online which we certainly want to address - one was done via oral ingestion with high level exposure and shows that it can cause eye and skin irritation - QMBeautique does not use phenoxyethanol in any application that includes oral ingestion. The second study was conducted to investigate glycol ethers in women's bodies in relation to time to conceive. The chemical that was used in this study was a cousin of phenoxyethanol, glycolethers, and is not the same. The study also was not able to be replicated by other scientific studies and was a self-administered study.


What is the derivative of the Glycerin and Propanediol used in the formula?

The Glycerin used in our formula comes from vegetables and Propanediol from corn, which is what makes the formula Vegan friendly.


What about the use of Sodium Hydroxide?

A very small amount of Sodium Hydroxide is diluted into a solution and used in the formula to neutralize the copolymer. This creates the smooth consistency of our magnetic eyeliner. There is no longer any Sodium Hydroxide left in the final composition of the product. It is also used in order to pH balance the formula to mimic the skin's natural pH level.



Let's Talk LASHES


Are the lashes reusable?

Each and every set of lashes have been meticulously hand crafted with care and attention to bring you a beautifully resilient lash that can be reworn up to 30 times with proper maintenance and care. To learn more about how to take care of your lashes, see our dedicated page for magnetic lash product care here.


Is the packaging recyclable?

YES! Our packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials and our lash trays are the first of their kind; made of Sugar Cane Bagasse - a biodegradable, renewable resource. Simply remove the magnetic holding band from the tray before disposal and you've taken one step closer to a zero-waste beauty routine! To learn more about our packaging, click here.


What about fit?

We get it, most people have no idea what shape, style or fit to get - so to make life a little easier, head on over to our Find Your Fit page dedicated to helping you identify your eye shape and then choose a style and fit perfect for YOU


The band is a bit stiff and I can't seem to get it to stick all the way along the lash line, help!

The band does come a bit stiff after production, so we recommend flexing the band to make it fit easily on your eye. Gently take the band by the ends and flex it in a u-shape, back and forth, to soften the band and help contour it to your eyes. 


How do I apply the eyeliner and lashes?

Your FerroLash purchase comes with a full instruction brochure packed full of information on how to apply the eyeliner and the lashes, as well as additional tips on makeup application and how to properly wear the lashes.

There is a brochure for full band application and for lash segment application. Practice makes perfect, once you get the handle of the application, it's super easy! If you still have questions after reading the brochure, feel free to reach out to and we would be more than happy to help!


Should I choose the full band or the segments?

This comes down to personal preference! The full band is easier to apply in the beginning and so we recommend it for beginner users; however, the customizability of the lash segments are our favorite part of our lash line! Using the magnetic lash tweezers will be really important for the lash segments as you can hold them close to the end of the lash and place them down with much more precision and ease. 


Can I cut the lashes?

Absolutely. The full band may not fit your eyes as they are quite long. Some people have longer lash lines and do require the full band but many find they are simply too long. In this case, we recommend snipping the outer corners of the lash first (never the inside as that tapers to the inner corner of the eyes and snipping that would result in an unnatural looking inner corner). When cutting the lash, be sure snip against a magnet so that you don't have a strip of the band that sticks out. Alternatively, the segments are the perfect solution to this problem as you can use as many or as little as you would like to achieve the perfect look and feel.


If you have any other questions that we have not addressed, please feel free to reach out to us at, we would love to hear from you!