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4 Reasons Your Lashes Won't Stay Put (& What To Do About It)

4 Reasons Your Lashes Won't Stay Put (& What To Do About It)

Magnetic eyeliner and eyelashes alleviate the need to mess around with tricky lash glue or other irritating adhesives; however, it does take a little bit of practice (that's the bad news). Once you figure out the 'sweet spot' for eyeliner placement and thickness and optimal lash placement - you're ready to rock (that's the great news!)

While mildly annoying, know that it isn't uncommon to have this happen, so here's even more good news, there are solutions!

These are the top four reasons your lashes may be popping off AND how to fix it! 

#1 - The Eyeliner Wasn't Mixed Well Enough

This one is an easy fix! Shake your eyeliner really well prior to application AND between coats.

There are two important factors to mention that work simultaneously in the formula:

a) Iron oxides make the eyeliner ferrous (magnetic) 

b) Since our formula is part eyeliner, part serum and has an aloe vera base as well as other vitamins, minerals and water soluble extracts. The velvety and nourishing consistency of the formula has less suspension efficacy of the iron oxides. In layman's terms, the iron oxides are heavier than the rest of the formula and settling of the iron oxides occurs - so you need to shake it well to disburse all that good stuff before you apply!


#2 - The Corners of your Eyeliner Aren't Wide Enough

This is also an easy fix! Make sure the inside as well as outside corners of your eyeliner are wide, or thick, enough that the magnets on the false lash band have enough to grab onto.

The eyeliner contains the iron oxides, the false lashes contain the magnets, so they work together to stay put. If you don't have enough eyeliner on your eyelid, the magnet won't have anything to grab onto and ends up popping up!

So while you may have had the whole lash pop off if the entire line of eyeliner wasn't wide enough (at least a consistent 1-2mm), it's far more common for the inner or outer corners of the eye to have thinner lines that won't be thick enough to grab on.


#3 - The Lash Band is too Long For Your Eyes

We have two options for lashes - full bands and lash segments. You won't have this issue with the segments, but you may with the full bands and potentially even with the accent lashes (allow us to explain):

A full lash band is quite long and generally fits someone who has a wide eyelid well (think long lash line). Alternatively, if you don't have a wide lash line, it may be too long. Our accent lashes aren't as long as the full strip lashes but they may still be too long if you have smaller eyes. In which case, lash segments MAY just be a better fit for you all together.

How do you know if it's too long?

If the eyelash feels uncomfortable - if you have it attached properly (outer corners of the band end two to four lashes in from outer corner of your eye), yet you feel it tickling the inner corners. Ideally, and to look best, false lashes look best when they begin where the bulk of your inner lashes begin

If the inner corners are placed correctly (not too close to the inside of your eyes) and then the outer corner is too long, you will know right away the band needs to be trimmed. 

Our full bands come with 6 magnets, when trimming - always go from the outer corner (the inner corners are tapered inward to mimic your natural lashes and should never be trimmed) and trim the smallest amount possible, then re-try the lashes on. Snip the lash against the next closest magnet. 

If you can't stomach the idea of trimming your lash band and loosing the shape of a cat eye (for example) - try our lash segments! A full band is clipped into 6 portions so you can use some, or all of the lashes however you choose!


#4 - The Lashes Aren't Attached to the Eyeliner

It seems like a no-brainer, but it isn't and it is FAR more common than you might think.

If you took your lashes off and there was any residual makeup/eyeliner remaining that wasn't cleaned off entirely, it will create a barrier and the magnets won't be able to grab onto the fresh eyeliner on your lid. Make sure your lash magnets are free of eyeliner or makeup prior to attempting to attach to your fresh liner.

The next, and just as common, reason the eyeliner isn't making contact with the lash magnets is placement of both. There is a sweet spot for each. Once you figure them out, you're rockin' and rollin'.

So, what is this sweet spot, exactly?  Grab your magnetic false lash band and look at where the magnets are. Now imagine your eyelid and your lash line, if you put the eyeliner only on the eyelid, the magnets will attach to that very spot, the false lashes are almost pointed downward, this can create a bit of tension on the lashes and force them to pop up a bit. The solution? We want them looking up!

FOUR Reasons Your Lashes Won't Stay Put (and what to do about it)

Keep in mind, FerroLiner is a serum and an eyeliner in one - go ahead and apply the eyeliner in that L of your lash line and eyelid. Don't go crazy, we don't want eyeliner getting into your eyeball, but don't be afraid to get a bit on the base of the lashes. This is going to create a nice little tucked in corner for those magnets to sit in, it not only helps the lashes to stay put, but also helps to 'marry' your natural lashes with the false lash strip.


That's it! 

Those are the top reasons you might experience your lashes popping up, give these suggestions and try and let us know how it went!

The most important thing to note is not to give up! Once you figure it out, magnetic lashes are a huge time and sanity saver.

Happy lashing!!


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