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Better Half Accent Lash

Better Half

These are about to be your lashes better half. We really didn’t know if we should snip a lash band to achieve the perfect lash highlight look and feel; luckily, we half a mind to challenge ourselves (see what we did there?) and the results are outrageous.

These lashes are downright beautiful and we’re sure once you try them, they’ll become an everyday makeup staple! They're are on the shorter side with a mild curl in a cat eye shape which makes it the perfect solution for casual wear with a sweeping, elongated eye. Ideal for crafting a sultry look without full glam.

Length: Short to Medium

Shape: Cat Eye

Available in: Single Band

Perfect for: Elongating the eyes, creating a sweeping and sultry look without full glam

Looks Incredible On: Almond, Close-Set, Monolid, Hooded, Upturned, Downturned, Round

Not sure what eye shape you have? Check out our Find Your Fit page!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Bridget Isaac
Perfect Everyday Lashes

I love these lashes and they are my go to everyday lashes. Thanks Lisa for helping me pick these out.

Hi Bridget,

Thank you for your purchase and this review!