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The Ultimate Guide to our Magnetic Lash Collections

The Ultimate Guide to our Magnetic Lash Collections

For all the women who have commitment issues, we have a solution. Magnetic eyeliner and a glamorous collection of reusable false lashes. We’ve got two stellar reasons these are commitment-phobe friendly: Super easy application, and even simpler removal. 

When you choose magnetic false eyelashes, you can quickly swap them out to match the occasion and simultaneously embrace your spontaneous side. If you haven't visited your lash specialist, magnetic eyelashes can provide drama until you do! All styles of QMBeautique’s FerroLashes have magnets that bond to our magnetic Ferroliner for a super strong hold. 

ProTip: while it’s not recommended to layer magnetic lashes on top of a lash install you want to keep around, our oil-free formula won’t break down the adhesive bond of your extensions, so if you feel the need to kick em’ up a notch for an event or night out, they do layer well!

A Big Advantage Magnetic False Lashes Have Over Lash Extensions…

Falsies are different from lash extensions because they offer you the chance to get all dolled up in no time at all. (You also can enjoy a worry-free shower before application, and rub your eyes all you want once they’re off for the evening.) 

However, you don’t need to pick between the two very popular options. Order your magnetic lash set today and use it in between lash installs. You can use a full strip for added volume all the way along or opt for magnetic lash segments to fill in those dreaded extension gaps. 

Read this article on tips for false eyelash application: FOUR Reasons Your Lashes Won't Stay Put (and what to do about it.)

Here's a look at our ever-growing collection of lashes and what makes them special. If you don’t need a guide and just need a personalized lash recommendation then head over to the “Find Your Lash Quiz” to find the perfect set. 


The Accent Lash Collection 

Compared to full-band lashes, accent lashes won't extend at the same length from corner to corner. For this reason, some of the lash bands are shorter than traditional lengths to create an illusion of depth at the edge of the eye.

Accent eyelash extension false eyelash qmbeautique


Better Half Magnetic Accent Lash

What makes this style special is its long band with a subtle transition in lash length from short (inner eye) to longer (outer corner of the eye.) It’s super ideal for those who wear glasses or for everyday wear.

Better Half Magnetic Lash Accent Eyelash QMBeautique


  • Elongated Eyes
  • A Subtly Sultry Look

Click here to shop this lash style!


Pardon My Accent, Magnetic Accent Lash

This accent lash is only 3 quarters the length of a traditional false eyelash band. So those inner lashes remain just a teensy bit lighter. The middle and outer corners are emboldened with a thick and luscious mild curl and criss-cross stitch. 

Both sets in our accent lash collection can be worn casually or otherwise.

Click here to shop this lash style!


The Lightweight Lash Line

You know that feeling where you forget you’re wearing makeup? Yup, these lashes are it. Personally, we believe there is nothing better than a light and airy lash on a hectic day. 


lightweight eyelash extension false eyelash qmbeautique

There are four Ferrolash styles in this collection: Pheonix”, “Fluff Up Your Jam Lash”, and the last two we’ve covered. Both, “Pardon My Accent” and “Better Half Magnetic Accent Lash” are ‘lightweight’ accent lashes. All sets in this lash collection are sewn to the magnetic band in a criss-cross pattern which gives them the perfect, full look but airy feel. 



This style uses staggered lash lengths to achieve a natural lightweight look. What we adore about Pheonix is it brings a lot of sass but it’s classy. A huge plus is this style won’t overwhelm maturing eyes or hooded eyelids. 

Pheonix Magnetic Eyelash Lash Extension QMBeautique Beauty

Why this lash? 

  • A nice introductory lash for falsie-beginners!
  • If you have a faint lash line this won’t overwhelm your natural beauty.
  • Featuring soft crisscrossed lashes this is a lovely casual look.

Click here to shop this lash style!

Fluff Up Your Jam Lash

This lash style’s stunning features include being both intense and not intrusive. We accomplished this by designing the lash with a deep curl and cat-like shape. 

Fluff Up Your Jam Magnetic Eyelash Segments QMBeautique

Wanna know something fun you can do with these lashes?

Trim the ends for a custom-fit falsie and then use the trimmed ends as lash segments to double up at the corners of your eyes to create a more alluring or sexy eye makeup look. 

Follow this link to shop this false eyelash set.


Evening Lashes 

Now don't shy away from our evening collection. We have a wide range of options to choose from. A night out on the town isn't complete without falsies, which are the last thing you apply after applying face and eye makeup.

Evening eyelash extension collection false eyelash qmbeautique

Spice Curl Magnetic Lash 

Featuring a varied curl, lustrous black coloring, and criss-cross stitching, this lash doesn't disappoint. It inspires a youthful vigor with its wispy, flirtatious appearance.

What You Should Know…

  • These aren’t too long, so you can’t wear your eyeglasses once they’re on.  
  • Buy these lashes in either segment or as a full band. 

Order your Spice Curl false eyelashes today! 

The Cats Meow

This evening lash set is our best seller and our creator's favorite creation (but our new curl collection might give them a run for their money.) These lashes are long, wispy, and feathery. This lash accentuates the width of the eye, brightening the eye and creating a striking look. 

The Cats Meow Eyelash Magnetic Lash Extension QMBeautique

What to know…

  • This lash works well when styled with cat-eye makeup or on someone with a natural cat-like eye shape. 
  • But…they also look great on folks with the following eye shapes: round, monolid, hooded, upturned, almond, close-set, deep-set, or protruding. 


Buy the BEST SELLER, click here! 


Doe’s Lashes 

Set the mood in these lashes! The “doe eyelash shape” is an iconic look that has endured through so many style periods. The tightly clustered band of long and short fibers creates real depth over the center of the eye, creating a look of innocence and wonder.

Buy two pairs and snip the ends of one pair to create a mild cat-eye look and save the more dramatic pair for when you need to talk your way out of something like a speeding ticket.

What to know?

  • These are definitely one of our more adventurous styles, so prepare to flutter those lashes.
  • Easily create a dramatic eye makeup look with this evening lash style!
  • Looks good on hooded, upturned, almond, wide-set, and deep-set eye shapes. (*Learn more about basic eye shapes by following this link to our guide.)
  • Because these lashes are designed in thick, dark clusters, they are bold! (Maybe the boldest of the whole evening collection set!) Make sure to give your brows a good going over to create balance when doing your makeup. 

Click here to order your own pair of Doe’s Lashes.


Catitude Lash 

Despite the boldness of this lash, it doesn't overwhelm. This is a great fit because it packs a punch, but mimics your real eyelashes' natural growth cycle. This seductive shape has a gently swooping curve that brightens the iris. 

Keep in Mind That…

  • This is a natural lash shape.
  • This lash is really versatile and looks best on someone with either monolid, hooded, downturned, upturned, almond, wide-set, deep-set, or protruding eye types. (So basically, almost anyone.) 
  • This is a medium-weight lash, so to ensure they last, make sure you get a wide enough eyeliner to grab all the way along, so they last all day (or night) long!
  • These magnetic lashes, however, won't sag or detach, as they bond to our iron-oxide-rich eyeliner, so their hold will only get stronger over time. 

Shop Catitude and capture all the attitude of a top model for yourself. 



This lash is spicy, be ready to magnetize people. With this style, our founder, Lisa Goodall, created a shape that blends a natural with a doe-eye flair. It’s bold. Featuring a heavily crisscrossed style that invites "your target," to look deep into your eye and question their sensibilities.   

When to wear?

  • It might be part of our evening wear collection, but you can wear it any time. Keep everyone's attention from business meetings to date night.
  • If you have hooded, downturned, upturned, almond, or protruding eye shape, these are for you. 

Capture the hearts of millions, and order Lashphrodite by following this link.

Phat & Sassy Lash 

This is the last style in our evening wear collection. Lisa describes them as "sinfully long, thick, and not for the faint of heart." They have a deep curl and cat-eye shape that brings out the eye. They practically dare strangers to take a second look. It was our customers' love for them that inspired our curl collection.

This is the perfect gift for anyone with...

  • Round, upturned, almond, close-set, deep-set, or a protruding eye shape. 
  • You might want to slip on your contacts for any makeup look using our Phat & Sassy Lash because the lash length is long, long, long

Speaking of curls! Keep reading to get the scoop on what makes our 2022 Curl Collection so unique! 

Shop Phat & Sassy, be that woman.


The Curl Collection

Five new styles are here to make you drool. Unlike our other collections, the research and development of this collection led us to a few subtle but necessary changes. In selecting the fibers to use, our founder chose an ultra-fine synthetic fiber that tapers at the ends but leaves them fuzzy so as they curve upward, they appear to hug the eyelids.

Curl  lash extension collection false eyelash qmbeautique

 Why do curled lashes look so good? 

Since they curl rather than flutter over the iris, they widen the look of the eye and create depth. In the absence of the extreme curl, long falsies may cast shadows over the iris, ultimately obscuring a portion of the eye. A more intense curl lifts the eyes and brightens and no shadows are created (seductive as they may be for some). 

Don't let droopy eyelids discourage you from shopping from this collection, they’re made for your eyes! 


Hey Curl Hey

If you look at the profile of these lashes you’ll notice the style rolls back in varied layers to give you the ultimate 3D feathered appearance! It's bouncy, yet natural style will appeal to fans of our Pheonix lashes. (The Pheonix 2.0 might've been the name we gave it in our files. But ssshh, don’t tell them that.) Although inspired by one of our best-selling lash styles, Hey Curl Hey is definitely unique.

It’s a suitable lash style for EVERYONE! Take a peak at the list below and see if your eye shape is on it! If it is, then you must own a pair!

  • Round Eyes
  • Monolid
  • Hooded Eye Shape
  • Maturing
  • Protruding
  • Upturned
  • Downturned
  • Almond

Here’s the link to shop this curl style!


Uptown Curl Magnetic Eyelashes

The deep inline 3D curl gives this style an elegant and sleek appearance. Like the other styles in this collection, the tapped edges are slightly fuzzy and appear to hug your lid. To further enhance the lash look, the fibers are sewn in a crisscrossed pattern and match the shape of natural lashes with a slight cat-eye twist. 

Things to know….

  • Matte-finished fibers give this lash a sophisticated look without all the razzle-dazzle.
  • These are shorter-length lashes and will fit nicely under a pair of sunnies.

Take a closer look at the Uptown Curl set.


Material Curl 3D Magnetic Eyelashes

This lash set was modeled after the super trendy Russian volume lash extension that offers a deep D or D+ curl pattern. The length of these fibers gradually increases for a mild cat-eye effect. Combine the two (Russian volume and a mild cat-eye) and it creates a very sultry look. 

Try these if…

  • You’re seeking a medium lash length.
  • You want a mild cat eye.
  • Your eye shape is monolid, round, hooded, upturned, close-set, almond, wide-set, or protruding.

Shop the Material Curl 3D Magnetic Lash, follow this link.


Hollaback Curl 3D Magnetic Eyelashes

Okay, we know this one was released with our Curl Collection, but it is also a great addition to our lightweight collection. This set is designed with a narrow weft (or, more simply, a thin magnetic lash band.) With its crisscross stitch, these lashes are fluffy and full. 

The big elements…

  • This style softly combines a mild cat shape with a lash length that mimics your own but adds a deep curl that opens the eye. 
  • These ultra-refined fibers have a matte finish.

Add the Hollaback Eyelash to your personal collection. 


California Curls 3D Magnetic Eyelashes

For the last set of falsies in the 3D Curl Collection, particular attention was paid to separating the tips of the lashes. There's a deep curl that opens the eyes, but there's also tons of volume in each segment to keep it seductive. The final look ends up being dramatized yet refined. 

These look incredible on individuals with these eye shapes…

  • Round
  • Almond
  • Monolid
  • Hooded
  • Upturned
  • Close-Set
  • Wide-set
  • Deep-Set
  • Protruding

Look like the California girls and shop California Curls, here!


The Everyday Lash Collection 

This collection covers 8 lash styles we’ve already talked about, but here’s the thing, this collection was needed regardless. We want it to be easy to find a pair to meet your everyday needs.

Everyday lash extension style eyelash collection qmbeautique beauty

We also think this entire selection would make a fantastic foundational collection covering any and all looks from subtle to bold. 

Here are the eight that make up The Everyday Lash Collection…

  1. Better Half Magnetic Accent Lash (Part of our accent lash collection.
  2. The Cats Meow (Also in our Evening Collection.)
  3. Pheonix (Find in our grouping of Lightweight lash styles.)
  4. Pardon My Accent (You guessed it, also an accent style.)
  5. Fluff Up Your Jam Lash ( Fluffy and part of our lightweight collection.)
  6. Spice Curl Lash (Evening Collection)
  7. Catitude Lash (Evening Collection)
  8. Lashphrodite (Evening Collection…)

Why do you see a lot of crossover from evening to everyday wear? Because lashes are only one part of a look. The choice of the lash can bring drama— but consider the color of your eyeshadow, lipstick, and eyeliner. These elements determine whether something is an evening look, a daytime look, or a day-to-night look. 

FerroLashes QMBeautique Clean Beauty Brands Lash Extensions

The best part is that if you keep your eyelashes clean and store them properly, you can wear the same pair for up to 30 days without experiencing any noticeable wear. A set of QMBeautique lashes only includes the lashes, our magnetic eyeliner (what bonds the lashes together) is sold separately.

Once you order your set check out this page to get the most from your purchase: FerroLash Product Care.

Leave us a review if you have time, or simply tell a friend about us to earn a discount toward your next set of falsies. Visit our loyalty program (referral) page to learn more! 


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